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  1. the fucntion is no work for me. without any syserr.
  2. game/src/packet.h missing lines typedef struct packet_fast_stack { BYTE header; TItemPos pos; } TPacketCGFastStack;
  3. hi. i have problem with complie game. someone could help please? https://imgur.com/hl2KI1T
  4. hi everyone! i looking for someone whos have enough knowledge to found bugs and solve them. contact me via discord if you interested for more infomration. discord : Extra#0318
  5. edit2 / update2 / feedback2 : bug5 (sash visible) already solved. + feature working : sash costume system added succesfully, transmutation system implemented succesfully to weapon, armor, costume weapon, costume hair, costume body. missing features : target mount, target pet, target effect item. if you feel how could help for me the following features please contact and i share the implemented features with you. discord : Extra#0318
  6. edit / update / feedback : bug 1 : solved, bug 2 : solved, bug 3 : solved, bug 4 : solved. bug 5 still here (if i want render sashes appear character without ) sash.
  7. hi everyone. i looking for someone whos know the render target system all secret. i contact with V0lvox and waitin the answer, but i think he'll no have time for help me with everything. what i want : implement the system fully without incoming bugs. (i installed the system, but have so much bug what came with that). if youre prefer bugfix and no re-add the system thats no problem. in following lines i text which bugs i have. bug 1 : item bonuses show 2 times (under the wearable text show again all information except the damage values). bug 2 : if i enable body costume render the normal sword does not appear. bug 3 : dagger does no appear. bug 4 : if i wear weapon show effect on target gui but weapon no (clear effect). bug 5 : sashes not show. contact me in pm or discord : Extra#0318 thanks.
  8. now cube window work but no any other window. the cube work and spam these lines btw https://imgur.com/a/KdKJ78l
  9. and do you have any idea how can i solve this? and the 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'OnUp/OnDown'?
  10. hi! i add mouse wheel function to binari source and python function. the wheel works with some panel, and no works with so much other panel. sysser spam much time, if work the wheel function if not sysser picture https://imgur.com/a/hyoJU0q
  11. thanks for scammed, please find this guy and remove from community, he does not tell hes forum name if he text to you via discord do not believe him words https://imgur.com/PLClEIl
  12. hi! i look for programer who can create systems for me. if youre interested contact me discord ty! Project OpenWorld2#0318
  13. Hi. Look for someone who can fix my crash problem. contact discord ty. Project OpenWorld2#0318
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