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  1. Hello , How to pvp Ranking on my website ?
  2. creating system 100% thanks today work my system https://streamable.com/ubujyi video fixxed https://streamable.com/ubujyi video fixxed https://streamable.com/ubujyi creating
  3. I know brother i have Cheque System and i not work
  4. yeah let people view them without the ability to buy it.
  5. you let people view them without the ability to buy it. yah you let people view them without the ability to buy it.
  6. I can add button in private shop for block my items for show items only and not sell
  7. Hello ask , how can i put items in my private shop without players being able to buy them ? private shop you let people view items them without the ability to buy it
  8. 90% servers have provlem with 3k or 5k hp UP my method fix this provlem i know server with 10k HP up with reset status thanks
  9. do you have 9.5k HP reset stats point and UP 4k hp why ? why 1 player 13.5k hp and another player with 10k hp ? Bugg = reset status x5 = HP 5k up
  10. For refresh point with reset reset point 2* fix you go test First test fix 100% reset stats
  11. Hello. Bugg solver 100% char.cpp search void CHARACTER::ResetPoint(int iLv) Replase with void CHARACTER::ResetPoint(int iLv) { BYTE bJob = GetJob(); PointChange(POINT_LEVEL, iLv - GetLevel()); SetRealPoint(POINT_ST, JobInitialPoints[bJob].st); SetPoint(POINT_ST, GetRealPoint(POINT_ST)); SetRealPoint(POINT_HT, JobInitialPoints[bJob].ht); SetPoint(POINT_HT, GetRealPoint(POINT_HT)); SetRealPoint(POINT_DX, JobInitialPoints[bJob].dx); SetPoint(POINT_DX, GetRealPoint(POINT_DX
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