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  1. Wow this is such a treasure! Thanks for sharing.
  2. Finnael


    Try this: https://www.dosyaupload.com/dYg4
  3. Send us your char.h. Hmm, this is not enough need your char.cpp too.
  4. Thanks for the very detailed guide. Pretty helpful.
  5. If you have this problem like me where RenderTarget renders the lod versions of the models you can do the the following thing to fix it. (You can also simply delete the lod files from your pack but you are gonna have to do it for every class and every armor that class wears. Besides that you can also have huge performance problems. There is a reason why LOD exists.) Open EterGrnLib/ThingInstance.h //1.)Find void SetMotionAtEnd(); //2.) Add after: void SetSkipLod(bool value) { m_bSkipLod = value; } bool GetSkipLod() { return m_bSkipLod; } //3.)
  6. So the gr2 files that are saved with this tool will be loaded faster? Is that what you mean with better performance? Thanks for the tool btw.
  7. Hmm, these look fine. From what I can see packet with header 43 is only being send to the client when player sitdowns or stand ups. So the problem should not be related with that if you are not doing anything. Can you show us your UserInterface/PythonNetworkStreamPhaseGame.cpp and UserInterface/PythonNetworkStream.cpp too? And btw which files are you using? Are you sure the client and the server you are using are meant to be used together? If you take your client from one files and your server from another that will cause such issues.
  8. Can you show us your packet.h inside your server source(should be inside game/src/packet.h) and your Packet.h inside your client source(should be inside UserInterface/Packet.h)?
  9. Not everyone has time to build the file. Just share the build error. It is not so hard to take a screenshot and upload it lol.
  10. Does it happen randomly or are you kicked after doing a specific thing?
  11. Yeah, but not only the color. It just looks too flat imo. Especially compared to the rest of the map.
  12. The atmosphere really looks great on this one. Only the field where guilds fight looks kinda out of place I think.
  13. Finnael

    3d shard.work

    Aside from the shoes it looks really cool. Nice job.
  14. If you wanna initialize some class members with default values I think the best way is to use constructors. So for the SShopItemTable you can do something like this: SShopItemTable() { vnum = 0; count = 0; pos = TItemPos(); price = 0; } What this will do is when a new SShopItemTable object is created it will initialize it with these values.
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