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  1. item_proto.txt -> Open -> CTRL+A -> CTRL+C Excell open -> select left up first column -> CTRL+V
  2. You probably made a wrong addition somewhere. I do not know exactly. Boot: shop table size error also means: This error will occur if more than 40 items have been added to a 40-slot market. If you did something like this, fix it back.
  3. I Installed PSM and compiled everything. But it gives this error when logging in. cpsm = PlayerSettingsModule.cpp file. But ı added binary and compile..
  4. Hi, ı use vs2019 and c++14(standart) But I need update to c++17. How to make? Where do I need to edit? [Hidden Content] Sorry, I don't understand the process here.
  5. Thank you so much. It works flawlessly Also yes functions like pc.get_gold could() be used but I had to do that with my query and now it's done.
  6. Thanks! Well, I want to ask one more thing. How can I use the result from the local=gold query in an if? For example; if(gold) < 5 then...
  7. local affected_rows, goldd = mysql_direct_query("SELECT gold FROM player.player WHERE account_id = '2';") say_reward(tostring(goldd)) Not work. Quest screen error: table: 00xc66e bla bla bla
  8. Thank you it worked. SELECT gold FROM player.player WHERE account_id = 2 But it always shows the result as 1.
  9. Hello friends. I'm writing a quest but I couldn't run mysql commands at all. local goldd = mysql_query("SELECT gold FROM player.player") say_reward("Başarılı." , goldd) Commands like SELECT - UPDATE do not work. and it just gives this error: attempt to call global `mysql_query' (a nil value) I tried mysql_query I tried mysql_query10 I tried mysql_direct_query but the result is the same.
  10. I had the same problem but found the solution man! The subtype in item_proto is 255 (wtf!) ---> locale/xx/item_proto I changed it to 3 and it works fine now. You can check it if you want.
  11. Upp... @ VegaS™ I am sorry for disturbing you. I would really appreciate if you have any information on the subject and help me. I haven't been able to solve this problem for a long time I'm using novaline
  12. Sorry for my carelessness. You wrote PythonWindow.h, but it should have been PythonSlotWindow.h I completed the steps but error loading screen. 0828 23:31:28911 :: File "uiTaskBar.py", line 940, in RefreshQuickSlot 0828 23:31:28911 :: AttributeError 0828 23:31:28911 :: : 0828 23:31:28911 :: 'GridSlotWindow' object has no attribute 'HasCoverButton' 0828 23:31:28911 ::

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