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  1. The "Asgard2" server is a PvP farm server, a server that will provide longevity, a server with a serious staff and last but not least, a server that tries to be unique compared to other servers on the market. Video with duels in order to show you the visual https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZNX_kOLE0I&feature=youtu.be The event with guests is online. Details: [spoiler] The first event on this server is about to start. What it is? The event is of the "invites" type, you have to invite your friends who play metin on the Asgard2 discord server. Only 2 prize places are ava
  2. Uhm, ok. char_horse.cpp search bool CHARACTER::StartRiding() { add under if (GetMapIndex() == xx || GetMapIndex() == xx) { StopRiding(); ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, LC_TEXT("The horse has been disabled in this map.")); return false; }
  3. input_login.cpp Search else { if (CWarMapManager::instance().IsWarMap(ch->GetMapIndex()) || marriage::WeddingManager::instance().IsWeddingMap(ch->GetMapIndex())) { if (!test_server) ch->WarpSet(EMPIRE_START_X(ch->GetEmpire()), EMPIRE_START_Y(ch->GetEmpire())); } } under if (ch->GetMapIndex() == ur index) { if (ch->IsRiding()) { ch->StopRiding(); } }
  4. Solved by myself, with idea from @Hunger. bye
  5. Hello. I have a big problem. If i open the trade window from A account, and i add items from both accounts in trade, the B items come in A's inventory and A items remain in his inventory If i open the trade window from B account, and i add items from both accounts in trade, the A items come in B's inventory and B items remain in his inventory https://gyazo.com/32fa220a4c8dd0561d4a2888a2cc0f06 Here is a gif with my problem. I search a developer, i pay. Kidro#7171 my discord. Already tried to rewrite exchange.cpp file, the problem isn't from "CheckSpace" function.
  6. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) http://www.girlshare.ro/3769945370.4 VIRUS TOTAL: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/be881098b2032fedef7ae18f62660ace31db44971177df120c922264ca01afc0/detection
  7. If you change yang limit to long long you will have this problem when u try to read a book https://gyazo.com/dc64a30c0713f887de669cce2bc0db8e char_skill.cpp search: PointChange(POINT_EXP, -need_exp); replace: PointChange(POINT_EXP, -static_cast<long long>(need_exp));
  8. Solved by myself. Pay attention in mousemodule.py if you add special storage system
  9. the best in town
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