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  1. Kidro


    reverse text prank 1 april.. I searched for 10 minutes to post this topic
  2. Idk if i m allowed to do this but i highly recommend that person and his server
  3. "You'll soon get banned here anyway., but i'll still say it: You have no place here, in the end you're trash and in the trash you belong, right there with the other monkeys who support you and your wrongdoings." LUA isn't a language created by you. everyone learns from somewhere and gets somewhere, if you are left behind and you lose customers this does not mean that you can do this to persons who sell their personal code, who works clean, optimized and has many active projects, you are very arrogant and you talk to everyone from above , this does not help you in life to speak
  4. RESELL - Sell the work of people without their authorization "i was using your structure BUT that was in the past" where does braxy mention that he sold something on Syreldar's structure? Stop being a puppy, read carefully, thanks.
  5. Uhm, ok. char_horse.cpp search bool CHARACTER::StartRiding() { add under if (GetMapIndex() == xx || GetMapIndex() == xx) { StopRiding(); ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, LC_TEXT("The horse has been disabled in this map.")); return false; }
  6. input_login.cpp Search else { if (CWarMapManager::instance().IsWarMap(ch->GetMapIndex()) || marriage::WeddingManager::instance().IsWeddingMap(ch->GetMapIndex())) { if (!test_server) ch->WarpSet(EMPIRE_START_X(ch->GetEmpire()), EMPIRE_START_Y(ch->GetEmpire())); } } under if (ch->GetMapIndex() == ur index) { if (ch->IsRiding()) { ch->StopRiding(); } }
  7. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) http://www.girlshare.ro/3769945370.4 VIRUS TOTAL: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/be881098b2032fedef7ae18f62660ace31db44971177df120c922264ca01afc0/detection
  8. If you change yang limit to long long you will have this problem when u try to read a book https://gyazo.com/dc64a30c0713f887de669cce2bc0db8e char_skill.cpp search: PointChange(POINT_EXP, -need_exp); replace: PointChange(POINT_EXP, -static_cast<long long>(need_exp));
  9. Solved by myself. Pay attention in mousemodule.py if you add special storage system
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