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  1. Because we don't have vodka+9 on our servers.
  2. If you want support about paid files from MartySama, buy them from him. He will help you. We're not supporting warez. @martysama0134
  3. Solution is writed in error. No ./start.py found. Create start.py file and you're done. #solved
  4. Very nice post. No affected files posted, no system implemented posted. How we can help you? With help of a magic?
  5. Thank you, awesome work as allways.
  6. Just read error.... Tell me, how hard it is??? 0603 22:03:16338 :: File "game.py", line 125, in __init__ 0603 22:03:16338 :: TypeError 0603 22:03:16338 :: : 0603 22:03:16338 :: __init__() takes at least 2 arguments (1 given) 0603 22:03:16338 ::
  7. Download libjpeg sources and compile them as lib. That's what error is telling you. How hard is to understand?
  8. Here is a python part my friend,
  9. Hi, i know this is old thread, but if someone want a fix for this, follow my tutorial. Open item_manager.h Search for DWORD GetAttrVnum(DWORD dwVnum) const { ...... } After this add int GetGroupSize() const { [TAB]return m_vecProbs.size(); }
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