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  1. EDIT: I solved the issue with world editor, but in game I cannot walk between the walls, even if there is a lot of space, how can I deal with this one? As I think it is because I didn', t make collision, is there anyone to help explaining how to do this properly in 3DS max? Hello everyone, So I've created some walls in 3DS Max 2018 and exported them in GR2(2.11). The big problem is, if I export the walls as a whole it looks very weird in World Editor, but in Granny Viewer it looks ok. This is one example: Not ok(in World Editor) Ok(in Granny Viewer).
  2. EDIT: I solved the problem, it was from "AttackRange" from mob_proto, if anyone has this problem in the future, it's good to check also that one. Hello everyone, I'm having a problem with mobs from my server which have special attacks(skills). So, I have a motlist.txt like this: GENERAL SPAWN spawn.msa 100 GENERAL WAIT stay00.msa 100 GENERAL SPECIAL skill00.msa 100 GENERAL SPECIAL1 skill01.msa 100 GENERAL SPECIAL2 skill02.msa 100 GENERAL FRONT_DEAD dead.msa 100 I receive damage from this monster, but it's not doing any movement, it is only performing the "FR
  3. Yup, that was the fault. It is interesting that you find a lot of tutorials of how to add a map, but no one mentioned about this rule which is mandatory. Thank you for the answers, guys! Have a nice day!
  4. Version of Files : 40k Hello everyone! 1. Description of the problem / Question : So i added a new map to my server. Until here, everything ok. But the map came with 0, 0 Base position(in setting.txt) so I have to make the coordinates. Is there any rule, or how should I make them? Or can I find the coordinates in some file inside the map? I tried putting 975397000 x 307205900 Actually, it teleports me near the map(the map is a dungeon) in a dark space. Do you know how to fix it? 4. Screenshots ? https://gyazo.com/4943e5
  5. Yes, actually using D:/ymir work/bgm/ and packing the files accordingly solves the issue. Thank you for the answers, have a nice night/day.
  6. Thank you for your answer! Ok, so I changed everything but I still get the syserr like it is not finding the music. 0816 21:09:01071 :: CSoundManager::PlayMusic - Failed to load stream sound : pack/bgm/login_window.mp3 Should I do any further steps? I tried putting the music inside a bgm folder before packing with EPack32(I thought that maybe it could help), but it's still not working
  7. Version of Files : 40k [[ Hi / Hello / Hey... ]] 1. Description of the problem / Question : Hello everyone! I want to make the metin2 client read the music from bgm.eix/.epk, for example, not from BGM folder. Is that possible? I want to move all the music(character,select,maps etc) in bgm.eix/epk in pack. If yes, from where I can change the path for BGM? Thanks, Sincerly, regal
  8. Actually I figured it out eventually. It was as easy as annoying it could get. I made a folder "ymir work" in Local Disk D few weeks ago so that granny would show me the .DDS textures for .GR2 correctly(sometimes it's not showing if the location is not properly set) and somehow that made my client dizzy I think, lol. Because it was getting files from that folder, not the actual pack. Pretty weird tho. So, in case somebody else has a similar issue, make sure you don't have an ymir work folder in your local disk D or you keep it up to date to what you have in pack, otherwise.. it's gon
  9. Version of Files : 40k 1. Description of the problem / Question : Hello everyone! So, I've changed a lot of things in my client, but now I'm facing a big issue(at least, for me). Let's say, I change something in PC(ymir work), when I put the new packed files in my client, I do not see the changes, but if I give the new files to another player, he can see the changes, everything is fine. As an example, one friend changed the skill effects in PC. He can see the changes, he gave me the packed PC, I changed it in my client but the skills remained the same. D
  10. The Test1 appears everytime I login or change map, still it doesn't do anything. In syserr I've got this: SYSERR: May 24 20:37:57 :: RunState: LUA_ERROR: [string "empire"]:2: attempt to compare nil with number SYSERR: May 24 20:37:57 :: WriteRunningStateToSyserr: LUA_ERROR: quest empire.start click Actually I solved it out, it worked by changing pc.get_empire() > 1 then like you said. Thank you very much!
  11. First, thank you for answering this topic. So, I made a quest like this: quest empire begin state start begin when login begin if pc.get_empire() > 1 then pc.change_empire(1) command("quit") end end end end But, when I login, nothing happens. The empire doesn't change and I'm not logged out. Do you know what I did wrong? Thank you
  12. Version of Files : 40k 1. Description of the problem / Question : Hello everyone. I want to make only one kingdom available for players , I changed everything from client side according to one tutorial found here(in locale/root) and now, in my client, you cannot choose anymore another empire. The problem is I want to put also something in source to check the empire and if it is different from empire id 1 for example(shinso), disconnect the player or something similar. I've come across this code from input_login.cpp, as I guess here I should work. Can
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