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  1. That error is not related to metin2. If I remember correctly, downloading the latest VC++ redistributable should solve the problem, https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2977003/the-latest-supported-visual-c-downloads
  2. It depends.. what serverfile are you using, may I ask? It happened just after you installed a new serverfile? Or it is a long time since you worked with same files and this happened? A lot of files on the internet are pretty.. trashy and they have a lot of bugs from the start, that's why it is important to tell us this first and after we move on. If I understood correctly, you didn't change anything in your proto, you just repacked the original one that came with your files? In that case the problem would be in the files. Please note that some files have the mob/item encrypti
  3. You should post the quest and also mob proto of your santa, one of these should be the problem. Use pastebin.
  4. https://metin2.dev/board/topic/21826-the-programming-languages-you-should-learn/?tab=comments#comment-118621
  5. Maybe because of Y starting point? Try to put base coordinates 0 x 0 and you can change them later when you add the map in your client.
  6. If I remember correctly, level_limit is for minimum level, not maximum. So, if level_limit is 75, you have to be level 75 or greater to have drop. Regards,
  7. 1. Before you create new coordinates, check that you don't have them already(for example, warp to them in game and see if anything happens) 2. What version of World Editor do you use? there's a high change that you have a problem with your server_attr. I've had these problems before and it was because of coordinates. Even if you don't have the exact coordinates in atlasinfo for example, they can overlap with other if they are close to them. You should try to remove all maps from map_index, atlas_info, maps.eix/.epk etc etc(leave only map1 and your map) and see if problem pe
  8. Hello, the steps for installing a new monster/NPC in your server as are follows: 1. Add monster folder in your pack in monster.eix/.epk(or where you have monster data in client). !! Attention: You have to check the Texture Path with Granny Viewer and put the monster in that location, otherwise your monster will be white(you cand find more about this in other threads I guess). 2. Add info in npclist.txt, if the monster will be located in D:/ymir work/monster/my_monster for example, you will just put the vnum and monster's folder name, example: 249 my_monster Where 249
  9. Hello everyone! So.. I changed in source the skill points, now after level 102 I don't receive any points(because I hate that + and leftover points). But.. if I reset my skills, I will receive points according to my level (ex: level 250 - I receive 249 points). Where should I change the points after reset also? so that if level is <= 102 the points will be calculated accordingly(each level = 1 point), but if the level is > 102 I will receive 102 skill points, even if I am 250? I hope you understood what I want.. Thank you, have a nice day!
  10. Thanks everyone for answering! game.set_event_flag looks fine for now, but I appreciate all the answers. Regards, regal.
  11. regal

    Forever Metin2

    Is it over? It looked very promising.
  12. Hello, everyone! I hope you have/had a nice day. So, I want to spawn a NPC via quest. I've used the pc.setqf so that after it's spawned when another flag is triggered(kill 100 mobs) the action is stopped. The problem is that as I've seen, pc.setqf is PID specific, so another player can spawn another NPC because he doesn't have that flag set yet. So, as a another "safety" action, is there any way to check if a specific npc is in a specific map(at least map index)? Or.. maybe.. set the flag as general for all PIDS? I tried to play with npc.is_available0() bu
  13. Thank you for the advices and answer, sir! For now it can be closed.
  14. Hello everyone! So, I want to make a dungeon but there are little things I couldn't make clear in my mind as I didn't find any specific information for this that could help me. I've seen the big picture of making a dungeon, but for example: -everytime I use server_timer I receive error in syserr SYSERR: Dec 11 05:42:44 :: _clear_server_timer: LUA PREVENT: Wrong argument on ClearServerTimer! Do you know what might be the cause? I use it something like this: server_timer("Dungeon_Time", 60*40, d.get_map_index()) And if the final boss is killed I call
  15. I wonder if the person who voted "poop" ever did anything productive with his life, I could never understand the hate. By the way, that is not the right template to use for a Metin2 presentation, it tells me very little about the server itself. I should be your guest, so you have to make me want to come into your house. That being said, try to make the real deal, show me the action, the content, the systems etc. Also, I would love to see metin2 private servers owners come with an ORIGINAL AND NEW story that can lead your path into the gameplay. Same story is boring, at
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