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  1. In the main preview the following contents have been added: Alchemy and Biologist. Further previews will arrive in the next few days! Stay tuned on our Discord channel!
  2. We want to remind you that applications to join our team are available. There will be other previews in the next days. Follow us on our Discord: https://discord.com/invite/NkentRm Stay tuned!
  3. Trailer preview: Join our Discord: https://discord.com/invite/NkentRm We are searching members for our Team, too. Applications are available on our Discord. We will start a beta soon. Stay updated on our Discord. We are coming!
  4. Still searching!
  5. Still searching!
  6. Still searching!
  7. We are looking for new members for our staff. Ozone2 is an international project and more information will be released soon. What figures are we looking for specifically? 3 Game Master (Free places 3/3) 3 Testers (Free places 3/3) 2 Event Organizers (Free places 2/2) 2 Forum Moderators (Free places 2/2) Where can I fill in and send my application? After filling in the application, it must be sent exclusively within our Discord channel. Your name: Your age (Only 18+ will be accepted): The position you would like to place within our Staff: Past experiences in other projects: Hours available during the day: Have headphones and microphone available: Knowledge and mastery of your languages: Send the application exclusively to this contact: Ozone#6592 Discord channel: https://discord.gg/Q6zyKGV Applications will end on 05/06/2020. See you soon, The Ozone2 staff!
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