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  1. I shared the files for free without the sources, so people can test before buying
  2. Share content : Client / Files / VDI Brief description : • Official system • Official prototypes, identical subtype • No trash system added • Full bug fix • Ideal for learning the basics of metin2 emulation Download link : https://mega.nz/folder/RLw3TI5S#vgqsusRH8HJ6HrIterykVw
  3. Serverfiles available for free without source : https://mega.nz/folder/RLw3TI5S#vgqsusRH8HJ6HrIterykVw Source client/server are still for sale
  4. Discord : Mustang#1649 Whats app : +79285724651
  5. Good evening, I am sharing with you today a site currently in the last phase of Beta to mine a future cryptocurrency for free and without physical resources. Currently very promising, I got enlisted by a work colleague who is a cryptocurrency geek so I believe him on this one. The principle is simple, there is no investment to be made to have more tokens, everything is done under a sponsorship system, impossible to register without someone inviting you beforehand. It's mining only on the phone with the application from their official website officially downloaded from the App Store or Google Play, don't worry, it consumes nothing on the battery. If you are interested, I invite you to download their app from the official website and when they go to ask you for a validation code, you will provide mine: Mustang44 Once it's done, if you want to have more Hash / token, refer people around you / friends with your own code once you have created your account. You have a somewhat detailed explanation on Youtube regarding this future currency. If you have any questions, you beep me on Discord: Mustang#1649
  6. Discord : Mustang#1649 Whats app : +79285724651
  7. Client test available here : Download Discord : Mustang#1649 Whats app : +79285724651
  8. Client test available here : Download Discord : Mustang#1649 Whats app : +79285724651
  9. Client test available here : Download Discord : Mustang#1649 Whats app : +79285724651
  10. Hello, Yes, we can say that It is sources enormously worked with clean systems that all the current servers uses. I offer SF for people who want to start a project on a clean basis with some official systems with last mob/item protos Do not put me in the same group as the sellers of the trash files that can be found on somes forums I even offer a test client, people can test and approve Sorry for bad english..
  11. Informationshttps://gyazo.com/collections/d0dec5372a6ecb26b6aab9353cd1d100 https://mega.nz/file/1Wg3mDID#uGl3Gsfkf763rsXyYdTpO9_W5ctIpUbQxXz1X-OCXd8 - Discord : Mustang#1649 - Boost 1.7.2 - Cryptopp 8.2.0 - MariaDB 10.3 - FreeBSD 12.1 RELEASE (32 BIT & 64 BIT) - LLVM-DEVEL-11.0 (CLANG 11) - Mob proto & Item Pro from official v20.1.3 - race.msm from officiel v20.1.3 - Save account system - Official create/select character - Syserr clean - No one custom system added - Full official clean code system without bug - No one syserr was hide with // - Sell with VDI full source+start - No coredown, all fix applied - Visual Studio 2019 - Granny 2.9 - Client test : https://mega.nz/file/1Wg3mDID#uGl3Gsfkf763rsXyYdTpO9_W5ctIpUbQxXz1X-OCXd8 Service.h Locale_inc.h Client test available here : Download Discord : Mustang#1649 Whats app : +79285724651
  12. Update 05/07/2020 - Compatibility with 32/64 bits FREEBSD - All errors encountered resolved Client test available with 15 account saved : Download
  13. Have you syserr from client or not ?
  14. New collection gif added https://gyazo.com/collections/d0dec5372a6ecb26b6aab9353cd1d100
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