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  1. You're right, the name is confusing I put 2020, because the libs & compilation is at the latest version today and also because we are in 2020 With also, some basic systems of the official functional but especially without the slightest bug. it's clean files in order to make future people wanting to get into emulation/coding, starting with up-to-date sources and with all the fix /coredown known until today. I just modified the client & the sources, I absolutely did not touch the gameplay / quests, you will be using your own quests. I'm very sorry for my english, i'm use google translate..
  2. Good luck with these cancer
  3. effect loaded from item_list.txt just without scale
  4. I didn't understand why you talk to me about turkmmo?
  5. Hi guys, I sell sources with most official systems, without trash system, I seriously tested each system and I noticed no problems, all systems are compatible with each other. General Infomations: Service.h Locale_inc.h Screenshots: Others things: - Mob proto & Item Pro from official v20.1.3 - race.msm from officiel v20.1.3 - Save account system - Official create/select character - Syserr clean - No one syserr was hide with // - Sell with VDI full source+start - No coredown, all fix applied Thanks to @xP3NG3Rx for unpacked official client and some official usefull system You can also check update list from french board : https://funky-emu.net/topic/23356-prochainement-serverfiles-officiel/ Contact: Discord: Mustang#1649 Whats app : +79285724651
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