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  1. Dear Metin2Dev Community, Is there anyway to store the account details without administration rights?
  2. HI Kinesia, You can find a tutorial here for implement the Discord RPC. You need to compile the libs with the same platform toolset as your client source builded. Blackdragonx61 has made a tutorial about how to build the libs. I hope it will help you.
  3. Everything works well! Thank you very much for sharing this
  4. Dear all, How to add items from Special Inventory to QuickSlot? I can add it from Default Inventory, but i can't from Special Inventory. Anyone can help me? I tried some edit in char_quickslot but it doesn't work. Thank you all!
  5. Thats my RegisterPCFunctionTable() void RegisterPCFunctionTable() { luaL_reg pc_functions[] = { /////////ETC,ETC///////////////// { "get_channel_id", pc_get_channel_id }, { "give_poly_marble", pc_give_poly_marble }, { "get_sig_items", pc_get_sig_items }, { "charge_cash", pc_charge_cash }, { "get_informer_type", pc_get_informer_type }, //µ¶ŔĎ Ľ±ą° ±â´É { "get_informer_item", pc_get_informer_item }, { "give_award", pc_give_award }, //ŔĎş» °čÁ¤´ç ÇŃąřľż ±Ý±« Áö±Ţ { "give_award_socket", pc_give_award_socket }, //¸ô ŔÎşĄĹ丮żˇ ľĆŔĚĹŰ Áö±Ţ. ĽŇÄĎ ĽłÁ¤Ŕ» Ŕ§ÇŃ ÇÔĽö. { "get_killee_drop_pct", pc_get_killee_drop_pct }, /* mob_vnum.kill ŔĚşĄĆ®żˇĽ­ killeeżÍ pcżÍŔÇ level Â÷ŔĚ, pcŔÇ ÇÁ¸®ąĚľö µĺ¶ř·ü µîµîŔ» °í·ÁÇŃ ľĆŔĚĹŰ µĺ¶ř Č®·ü. { "give_item_with", pc_give_item_with }, * return °ŞŔş (şĐŔÚ, şĐ¸đ). * (¸»ŔĚ şąŔâÇѵĄ, CreateDropItemŔÇ GetDropPctŔÇ iDeltaPercent, iRandRange¸¦ returnÇŃ´Ů°í ş¸¸é µĘ.) * (ŔĚ ¸»ŔĚ ´ő ľî·Áżď¶ółŞ ¤Đ¤Đ) * ÁÖŔÇ»çÇ× : kill eventżˇĽ­¸¸ »çżëÇŇ °Í! */ { NULL, NULL } }; CQuestManager::instance().AddLuaFunctionTable("pc", pc_functions); } }; Any other solution?
  6. Hi Metin2Dev, I need help with this: 20:20:57.867740 :: RunState: LUA_ERROR: locale/hungary/quest/object/state/mb_igshop:984: attempt to call field `give_item_with' (a nil value) SYSERR: Oct 30 20:20:57.867829 :: WriteRunningStateToSyserr: LUA_ERROR: quest mb_igshop.start click This happens when someone buys the product I am offering for sale and wants to take it out or when I just want to smoothly withdraw a sale. Please help me! Thanks! Have a nice day!
  7. Its not work ? Any idea? I will try replace the tables but i think its not fix it Solved. The problem is guild.cpp INSERT query for (int i = 0; i < GUILD_GRADE_COUNT; ++i) { DBManager::instance().Query("INSERT INTO guild_grade VALUES(%u, %d, '%s', %d)", get_table_postfix(), m_data.guild_id, i + 1, m_data.grade_array.grade_name, m_data.grade_array.auth_flag); } to: for (int i = 0; i < GUILD_GRADE_COUNT; ++i) { DBManager::instance().Query("INSERT INTO guild_grade%s VALUES(%u, %d, '%s', %d)", get_table_postfix(), m_data.guild_id, i + 1, m_data.grade_array.grade_name, m_data.grade_array.auth_flag); }
  8. Hi everyone! I found a problem with guild making. If someone wants to make a guild, and if he enter the guild name and press OK the channel1_1 will crash. Channel1_1 syserr is empty. DB Syserr: SYSERR: Aug 20 21:03:36.172297 :: Process: FDWATCH: peer null in event: ident 22 I tried debuging the game.core but I didn't get anything Please help! Have a nice day!

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