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  1. thank you soo the cords are random from the map x and y cords okay okay i got it i will try and see what haapen much thanks for you bro
  2. I DID SAME WHAT HE DID for many times and it wont work but can i ask yo something plz 1 is it necessary to make Town file in server side and where i can found the cords for town 2 do i have to make index in clint index for the map like metin2_map_a1/
  3. do you need too add index of map pack or not ? and town file how i can creat town place or but cords i want to be back after dead ??
  4. thank you i will see it when iam free thank you very much
  5. Version of Files : XXX [[ Hi / Hello / Hey... ]] 1. Description of the problem / Question : [[ i have tryed to add some maps i made them . but never works . i did try to make patch and serverside files but it keep fail iam useing VM virtualbox /hamchi __ if anyone can help or know anything pleas tell me how to do it ]] and if anyone know or have or seen way how to download map to sever plz help me or gave me link cuz i have search for month and i cant find anything NOTE . i made 14 new maps like remake for old maps and i
  6. hi evryone .... sorry for my bad english but i need help i created maps with > WorldEditor_MfcRelease_vc100_v24 i tryed to install them in (frozen clint files ) but when i launch the game after the reboot it wont work some times game dont launch and some times it go in but i cant /warp the maps what wrong with that i can gave you videos for that or screen shot but can anyone help me ? i relly need help i tryed to do that for 5 month and i got Disappointed from trying / so any help pls or any one know something
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