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  1. oh .. i think i got you okay thank you
  2. the bosses drope how to change them when you start attack the boss it will start spawn mob how too change those mobs -- you sayed its from gruop.txt like any group of monster but is it or not ?
  3. oh god i thought so thank you so much bro last question the bosses normal bosses and big are same/ or its from group.txt boss spawns not followers again thank you
  4. i search in group.txt for metins vunm but didnt find any metinstone idk if you got me iam saying how to change monster that metinstone drope them when you attack the stone
  5. hi i wanted to ask that how i can change monsters that drope from stone and boss example stone 8001 drop some monster how can i change those monster ?? thx for replay
  6. thank you soo the cords are random from the map x and y cords okay okay i got it i will try and see what haapen much thanks for you bro
  7. I DID SAME WHAT HE DID for many times and it wont work but can i ask yo something plz 1 is it necessary to make Town file in server side and where i can found the cords for town 2 do i have to make index in clint index for the map like metin2_map_a1/
  8. do you need too add index of map pack or not ? and town file how i can creat town place or but cords i want to be back after dead ??
  9. thank you i will see it when iam free thank you very much
  10. Version of Files : XXX [[ Hi / Hello / Hey... ]] 1. Description of the problem / Question : [[ i have tryed to add some maps i made them . but never works . i did try to make patch and serverside files but it keep fail iam useing VM virtualbox /hamchi __ if anyone can help or know anything pleas tell me how to do it ]] and if anyone know or have or seen way how to download map to sever plz help me or gave me link cuz i have search for month and i cant find anything NOTE . i made 14 new maps like remake for old maps and i
  11. hi evryone .... sorry for my bad english but i need help i created maps with > WorldEditor_MfcRelease_vc100_v24 i tryed to install them in (frozen clint files ) but when i launch the game after the reboot it wont work some times game dont launch and some times it go in but i cant /warp the maps what wrong with that i can gave you videos for that or screen shot but can anyone help me ? i relly need help i tryed to do that for 5 month and i got Disappointed from trying / so any help pls or any one know something
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