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  1. yes I made the necessary changes on the client side. If you want, I can also throw the files I have changed on the client side.
  2. old tables.h https://paste2.org/j8sIHbjU new tables.h https://paste2.org/YvwcgV1h I'm just replacing line 468.
  3. I cleaned the inside of db/src/.obj and game/src/.obj folders and rebuilt. but the same problem persists
  4. sorry. I could not find the exact folder you said. where exactly is it? instead, I deleted the files with .obj extension in "Client\vs_files\UserInterface\Distribute" path and built. but this method did not work. did i do it wrong
  5. how to check if is a total compile? I'm making changes in 2 rows in tables.h byte to int
  6. Hi, As we know, check (won) holds data in byte type and I can set the won limit to 255 in the game. Since I wanted to make it 999, I changed the byte type to int. We use the same server files as my friend. he did not encounter any problems when he made this change. but I did not apply the changes he made with his check (won) exactly. I did not get an error while building. but after choosing a character, when entering the game, the server throws it on the selection screen. What could be the problem? looking forward to your help and ideas. Thank you. Syserr: SYSERR: Aug 28 13:13:29 :
  7. yes that's exactly what I want. but how can we add map and duration? (by the way I haven't tried yet if it works)
  8. Hi, I just want to pin a boss to channel 1. I don't want to do it by deleting map index from map allow. how do i do this? thanks.
  9. I want to change the socket0 value of item 70104. (polymorp). In this way, I can sell in npc.
  10. I myself added socket0 column. but it didn't work. item_proto.txt with socket0 I haven't seen before.
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