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  1. char_battle.cpp : https://paste.tc/Nwo3jSo20O I edited it as you said but it didn't happen again
  2. https://paste.tc/ajHhPeQKpk char_battle.cpp full Is the place I added correct?
  3. char_battle.cpp I arranged the way you say. : the problem did not improve : must be :
  4. For example, when the level is 60, If the exp for the level 61 is 500.000 exp from cut mob 10.000 if 10.000/10=1000 isn't he doing it?
  5. Regardless of the exp value written in mob_proto I want the expin level that comes to the person who cuts the mob to be not more than 10% of the desired expin example: exp required for 1 level: 300 I want to get an exp 30 to be taken from 1 mob while at most 1 level
  6. Does the installation with pkg differ from the installation with long make performance etc. for ?
  7. Is there anyone who can help freebsd 12.1 install mysql 5.7 help about ?
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