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  1. I have this sysser: 0724 13:48:16827 :: UISCRIPT_LOAD_ERROR: can only concatenate tuple (not "list") to tuple [filename UIScript/MiniMap.py] 0724 13:48:16829 :: uiMiniMap.py(line:341) __LoadWindow ui.py(line:3740) GetChild MiniMap.LoadWindow.Bind - <type 'exceptions.KeyError'>:'RTTTextLine'
  2. Hello community. I have this problem: https://gyazo.com/5250966c72023c80ea8cd14df58e580a Does anyone has any idea how to solve it ? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello community. Any idea why this skill looks like this? https://gyazo.com/401fcb24a780208fe066561754bae1ef I have the original skills. Nothing changed. Does anyone have similar problem?
  4. I installed this, no errors, it opens fine, but it doesnt show any item inside the box. Why ?
  5. Hello, i wanted to ask, how its possible to make discord rpc to show the map name instead of showing the map name from atlasinfo ? I mean the name metin2_map_a1 from the photo. http://i.epvpimg.com/hj87bab.png
  6. Hello, i wanted to ask , how it is possible to add wings that have only .mse files ? Is it via source? can anyone help me? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hello, Im searching someone to install cloudflare on my website. Add me on discord: ReD#2880 Thanks in advance.
  8. Could you share the code for the 5 inventory pages? Thanks.
  9. Hello, i get HUGE ddos attack on Login. Im interested in buying ddos protection, like a firewall or smth. My Discord: ReD#2880 Thanks in advance.
  10. Hello, im getting ddos attacked on login. Any ideas? IM on KIMSUFI. Any suggestions? im already using pf firewall.
  11. What do you mean? i have for example the vnum 8114 and it doesnt show the weapon +9 effect. I dont want to do that, because i created new vnums. Thats why i want to do it via src, to read specific vnums.
  12. Hello, i wanted to ask how its possible to add the +9 from bow, daggers, fan, bells and swords on specific vnums. Because now when i have only 1 query for a weapon, it doesnt show any effect. It has only specular. Thanks in advance.
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