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  1. When i tried this client, a friend disabled hackshield in the bin with Ida Pro for me. Sadly he is inactive and i did not keep the bin. If you want to try a working old-timer server experience you better to take Rain serverfile and 2008 US client, they fit together. You should find both at this forum.
  2. You have some problem with g_offlineShopAdvertisementBoardDict. It can't iterate over the array. Open up your tutorial and look for it, maybe you missed it when you implemented the offshop since it's saying NoneType. If that's the case you missing this from the top of the file: g_offlineShopAdvertisementBoardDict = {}
  3. Metin2 Japan ("Crual War" by OG Entertainment) used the general logo. They closed pretty fast afaik. Here's their locale: https://www50.zippyshare.com/v/3kjrI0AH/file.html (I don't have full client) Edit: I really miss these type of webpages
  4. Picture 1 is simple Ymir made lv80-90 armors in patch1.eix-epk Picture 2 is the black steel recolored for purple and with high specular. You probably want the old EYvil armor pack since you're talking about wings and so https://mega.nz/file/4BhB2Q7b#00Fj9GeCkt0Y3jxPsZ9a2kjAbkGpb5vxZZssdSK XSro Keep in mind that the majority of the armors are created back in 2011, so a lots of IDs (msm, value3) will be conflicted with the new GayF costumes, so you can't just copy paste it, you have to use new unused ids. And no, i will not edit it for you to make it copy-pasta
  5. You may want to check uiscript/minimap.py since that's contains the visual.
  6. Use direct link like this with the id: https://m2icondb.karbust.me/img/03150.png
  7. That stuffs is from the actual 2004 (Korea) client originally. (Maybe he recreated them in 3D, idk) This client is from 2005 (China) despite the topic name, just check the file dates. 2004 Korean one is just gone, reduced to atoms. Many of us tried to look it for years. Only very limited people were able to play that beta, that's why no reupload just some picture.
  8. It is a standard python lib. Probably the client can run without it, but i would not delete it. Make a new patchlist, maybe it's wrong, also check if that pyc is not corrupted like 0kb.
  9. Reverse dump_proto: https://www23.zippyshare.com/v/NquCKv0u/file.html It converts client proto to server txt, not sql. If you want sql then enable once the txt proto and it will load to navicat then you can disable it again. No source, i probably downloaded it from here 6 years ago: Only working with basic protos from 40k, no sash, costume weapon, new pet etc.
  10. https://www23.zippyshare.com/v/NquCKv0u/file.html Reupload if anyone needs this.
  11. That file located at Lib/xml/dom/minicompat.pyc
  12. Because maybe it caused by external thing. So now look for the newest backup when the sash is working and make a list with the modifications what the next backup contains where it not working. If it's systems you can try disable them in the locale_inc.h / service.h. Otherwise you need keep reverse the changes. Hopefully you do backups often so it will be just a little work.
  13. That's why people creating backups and stores a few months back. You could know what did you modify when it happened. I guess you don't have any, am i right? Well, man learns from his own fault. It is not possible to help you just by writing a comment, we have to investigate by having access to your file, TeamViewer, Anydesk, but I will not be the one to do this, do not pm me.
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