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  1. Buying dragon coins should not be donations but buying digital goods (paypal have that option when you tick the transaction delivery), probably that's why some server had mass refund issues. The "seller" can't proof the delivery at the disputes to paypal if he got the money as donations. That's why the account blocking. Also accounting dc sells as donations is simply a financial (tax) fraud and illegal in all eu country I'm sure. All I can say is that I said above, if someone doing their business legally they should be ok. If somebody have so much income from a Metin2 server, he needs t
  2. "Paypal intervenes." Yes but they will check the dispute's conversation, so they'll see the buyer stated the lack of delivery and your proof of delivery, and will decide with this information. Owsap in here had a very similar situation with paypal, his buyer stated the lack of delivery, he proved the delivery in the dispute conversation and won the case. It was in his thread with screenshots but since he closed his business the thread got deleted i think so can't link to you. "The instant block is as i said, made automatically by the system when you have over 50-60 cases opened in a
  3. If somebody starts a refund, both the seller and buyer will be placed in a conversation with Paypal where the buyer needs to write his problem. Paypal and the seller will see this and if the buyer states that he did not received the goods, the seller can insert a screenshot from the itemshop_logs table as proof of the delivery. Then paypal will decide to who they believes. As long the seller proves the delivery i don't think Paypal decides against him. The problem lies in where the seller does not respond to the dispute and the time frame passes, then the buyer will auto-won the case.
  4. Are you using your own server_attr what you dumped with WE and are you using the block attribute on walls and building? I just wondering what are you asking, improving the current system or you don't use the current system correctly and that's why you want to improve. By the way if you use the current system correctly, mobs very very rarely go to inaccesible areas. Lots of people use blank server_attrs, or even if they use a good one they forgot to block buildings and walls and that's why mobs can reach that area.
  5. The key word is pay taxes lol. Also you can't accept lots of payments to a personal paypal account, you have to register a business paypal account so paypal don't freeze your balance after a while. (TOS) If you do your business legally then you don't have to worry about anything.
  6. So you want something like this? when x.use begin local rnd = math.random(1,100) if rnd >= 75 then pc.give_item2(189, 1) notice_all(pc.get_name().." got a fancy sword!") elseif rnd >= 50 then pc.give_item2(149, 1) notice_all(pc.get_name().." got a semi-fancy sword!") else pc.give_item2(19, 1) notice_all(pc.get_name().." got a not so fancy sword!") end pc.remove_item("x", 1) end You have to set the chest to ITEM_QUEST in item_proto and set all the drop in the quest. If you don't want to use quest for the
  7. You want to change the gold column and not the shop_buy_price. Gold: When you buy from npc Shop_buy_price: When you sell to npc (price/5 so 2500000/5=500000)
  8. The guy asked a totally normal question. The world editor made by Ymir, Marty only improved it. While you will not get the improved one's source i'm sure, you can find the original one's source at kraizy.tgz or here:
  9. If your server runnng fine then you can pretty much just ignore it. I'm not a MySQL expert but i remember my syslogs was full with such logs.
  10. I think he is asking that what this syslog means. Maybe his db not starting or something, but it would be better to check the syserr instead.
  11. They're using 40k however zero new system installed and alchemy removed due to player's wish. So it is a 2013-2014 like server.
  12. It's literally saying: Table common.priv_settings doesn't exists. You installed Marty's drop rate system so you have to create that table. https://www.google.com/search?q=[Release]+Automatic%2FDefault+priv+rates+at+the+db+startup
  13. I already contacted ATAG the owner of DDMT2 if he kept the Hongkong website, waiting for his reply. Btw his server still running just in another domain (ddmt2.net) maybe it's the oldest (or at least on of the oldest) P server what still running since it started in 2009. My reg date is 2009-12-29 If I don't succeed to find the HK webpage then i may rebuild it in the future using the web archive images-css files.
  14. It's not something that can be solved without seeing your code. Try your backups. Check what systems was installed after this error. One of those can cause this error. If you don't do backups (biggest mistake as a developer) then you have to revert your changes. Similar things happens when someone just copy-paste from tutorial. Never do that, always checks if the types are correct, plus never overwrite whole blocks, extends yours rather and such things can't happen. Wish you luck.
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