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  1. TMP4

    open Core crash

    Yes, Contact @VegaS™ and buy the updated system. #CloseRequest
  2. TMP4

    open Core crash

    Do you have the leaked version of "ENABLE_PVP_ADVANCED"? According to google, it caused by that.
  3. Let me translate his bad english to good english for you @xP3NG3Rx xD @nazox The special_item_group.txt is not related with mob's drop. You confuse it with the mob_drop_item.txt. special_item_group is for boxes mainly, and some costum thing like this 10025 group for language rings. So open your special_item_group.txt and add this if you don't have: Group ľđľîąÝÁö { Vnum 10025 1 70006 1 1 2 70047 1 1 3 71005 1 1 4 71006 1 1 5 71007 1 1 }
  4. Then that's a machine dependent bug if that's really happening in every client for you. A test in ddmt2.net: (Go to the end and click back to 0:27 for example)
  5. The first one is not happening for me, i tried in my Ryzen pc, my Intel laptop, with more server. I remember people with updated dirctx (dx9) had a harder issue with the textures in some machines, mostly in AMD FXs. It caused by the same thing, the UAC. See: Are you using an updated directx? --------------------------------- 7.: Some mobs can run away on death instead of playing the death animation.
  6. Thanks i solved with that! The channel is not running every time, that's why i don't use a gameflag (/e something) Anyway it can be good for channel changer too if someone want to use the GF one. questlua_global (cpp) int _is_channel_online(lua_State * L) { if (true == DESC_MANAGER::instance().IsP2PDescExistNew(g_szPublicIP, (BYTE)lua_tonumber(L, 1))) { lua_pushboolean(L, true); return 1; } lua_pushboolean(L, false); return 1; } { "is_channel_online", _is_channel_online }, desc_manager (cpp+h) bool DESC_MANAGER::IsP2PDescExistNew(const char * szHost, BYTE bChannel) { CLIENT_DESC_SET::iterator it = m_set_pkClientDesc.begin(); while (it != m_set_pkClientDesc.end()) { LPCLIENT_DESC d = *(it++); if (!strcmp(d->GetP2PHost(), szHost) && d->GetP2PChannel() == bChannel) return true; } return false; } bool IsP2PDescExistNew(const char * szHost, BYTE bChannel);
  7. No problem So i think the best way is to check for open ports. Anyone have a clue how to do it in source questlua? -------------------------------- It will still not work because it only checks the map in that core where the character is. So example the char is in channel1 core1, i put an index250 map in channel2 core1, and i try pc.is_map_alive(250) it will look the map 250 in channel1 core1, not in channel2 core1, because the character is in channel1.
  8. The problem is your map checking solution is not working at all. You don't understand how cores working. Example: 41 is defined in all ch core1 (except ch99 of course) If we want to check channel2 core1 (or channel 98 core 1 in my case, does not matter) when the character is in channel1 core1. It will always return true because channel1 contains 41 too.
  9. Okey then it's ok if i can check a channel's first core. (If the first core is running, the second core should running so it's ok) Do you have any reccomendation? Again: It is a normal channel, not exclusive maps channel. Also the check happens in ch1 core1 before it channel_switchs the player to ch98 core1.
  10. It's not gonna work because this channel is normal channel like channel1, i just decided to set it as channel98 So it's not an "exclusive-maps" channel like channel99 where i could check metin2_map_oxevent. Edit: It is possible to check if a port is open? Then the channel is running.
  11. The base situation: i have an event channel (channel98) and i want to check in a quest if the event channel is running or not. I know there is no such quest function, so i need a c++ code for questlua_global or questlua_game.cpp. Anyone have a clue how can i check if a channel is running?
  12. Just open config.exe and disable software cursor. (If it's disabled then click "ok" or "save" in config.exe and it will save it as disabled to metin2.cfg)
  13. I googled the system what you're using, and yes, you just added that 2 if to check "> 0". So i'm ok, that's checked in mine too
  14. @WeedHex Did you just added if (pkItemAbsorbed->alValues[3] + pkItemAbsorbed->alValues[4] > 0) if (pkItemAbsorbed->alValues[1] + pkItemAbsorbed->alValues[2] > 0) to check if those are bigger then 0, or did you changed more code in that version of sash? If you just checked for "> 0" then i'm ok, I'm checking that too. Otherwise please tell me what you modified in addition.
  15. https://metin2.dev/board/topic/15649-official-unpacked-updates-metin2de-new-spam-free/?do=findComment&comment=125462
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