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  1. Because maybe it caused by external thing. So now look for the newest backup when the sash is working and make a list with the modifications what the next backup contains where it not working. If it's systems you can try disable them in the locale_inc.h / service.h. Otherwise you need keep reverse the changes. Hopefully you do backups often so it will be just a little work.
  2. That's why people creating backups and stores a few months back. You could know what did you modify when it happened. I guess you don't have any, am i right? Well, man learns from his own fault. It is not possible to help you just by writing a comment, we have to investigate by having access to your file, TeamViewer, Anydesk, but I will not be the one to do this, do not pm me.
  3. They actually do since they just copy paste from tutorial. I saw several P server what came to this glitch. The quest what contains this is official and from gayF, when they introduced cheque they had this bug too for a couple days
  4. You rather want to edit the modell itself to be hold in the right position. If you edit the aura then it will bad in every other weapon.
  5. int _set_regen_in_map( lua_State * L ) { int iMapIndex = static_cast<int>(lua_tonumber(L, 1)); std::string szFilename(lua_tostring(L, 2)); LPSECTREE_MAP pkMap = SECTREE_MANAGER::instance().GetMap(iMapIndex); if (pkMap != NULL) { regen_load( szFilename.c_str(), iMapIndex, pkMap->m_setting.iBaseX ,pkMap->m_setting.iBaseY ); } return 0; } { "set_regen_in_map", _set_regen_in_map }, I made it back in the time so i pasted for you. Endymion right, regen_load function is what needed. Add it to questlua_global.cpp Keep in mind you can't cancel it lol. If you make a clear regen function, it will clear the map's basic regen too. If you want to cancel it would be better to use that map as a dungeon.
  6. It is correct even with sql or txt. So a guess: Do you have 15249 once in item_proto or do you have duplicate line? If you don't have a duplicate, can you check to change bonus in another item? -------------------------- According to your private message
  7. Can you provide the code? Otherwise it is not possible, if you copy-paste a regen.txt and only changing coords then it will work and you miss something. Maybe stone, boss npc.txt have that 3031 and you had this syserr for a long time just only now noticing it?
  8. What he did is he changed the Unknown Old Chest with it's containing items and set a limit. https://en-wiki.metin2.gameforge.com/index.php/Unknown_Old_Chest But why did it bad to farm that chest? Even that chest or it's containing key item(s) have 1 yang as shop_buy_price as default. If you mean some player sell those chest as a scam like lie it is rare or something, then you would only have to set it ANTI_MYSHOP, ANTI_GIVE antiflag, or make a timer of 4minute on them.
  9. He can't skip (or cancel) at the state where he is, that's why it's annoying He will have the quest to kill tigers forever and he can't move on. (At least the next quest don't locked behind this quest) A lot of player want to do all quest to clear there quest list.
  10. Ah okey, now understand, you're working outside of the binary That's beyond my knowledge so i cannot help more.
  11. Ah forget the 32k that was just because of map1. But 100k probably enough. What do you mean by "address of GetCharacterDistance()"? It give back the distance of the mob.
  12. If you want to collect every mob even the farest you can delete that: dys = player.GetCharacterDistance(i) if dys > 0 and dys < 7500: Also i edited my upper answer, you probably don't need to scan to 100k just 32k.
  13. I think there's not. You can use something like this like every python hack do for mob scanning: import player import chat mobVIDList=[] for i in xrange(1, 100000): dys = player.GetCharacterDistance(i) if dys > 0 and dys < 7500: if chr.INSTANCE_TYPE_ENEMY == chr.GetInstanceType(i): chat.AppendChat(chat.CHAT_TYPE_INFO, "There is a nearby mob: %d" % i) mobVIDList.append(i) Be aware that it can freeze the client for 1 sec. Afaik a VID cannot be higher then 100000 that's why i set that. Maybe it can lowered. Edit: Tested it and it's not freezing the client.
  14. It sucks then and you stucked because tigers will not drop another one if you have them all, and you can't get to "back_to_baekgo" state unless a tiger drop another one, what is impossible for now. If you really want to complete the quest then report it in gameforge's forum but honestly they will not hurry to fix it.
  15. You're on a wrong forum Go to gameforge's romianian forum and report your bug there. Here we only can fix the .quest file. Edit: I checked the quest, drop/sell/stash the item and kill tiger for another one and the quest will continue. To server owners who want to fix the quest just add this if to "when enter or login begin"'s bottom at state hunting: if new_quest_lv22_neededAmountDrop1 == pc.count_item(new_quest_lv22_drop1) and new_quest_lv22_neededAmountDrop2 == pc.count_item(new_quest_lv22_drop2) then -- collected everything notice_multiline(gameforge.new_quest_lv22._061_notice, notice) q.done() set_state(back_to_baekgo) end With this if the player reloging with the bugged situation it will contine and don't have to drop the item and kill tiger for another one.
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