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  1. So it's not something like everyone likes, also not english, but that's my lifetime favorite since 2012. If I’m tired of everything then I listen it, so I listen pretty often
  2. Koray already made 2 version of fix for it: The first version is 100% server-sided but sometimes fails. The second version work like a charm. While it is in clientside, 99% of the hackers will not edit your metin2client.bin in assembly so you're good.
  3. Hey, thanks. Dragor was probably released after r40250 that's why it's missing from the attack list. You can add to the mounts list in pvp.cpp svside and InstanceBase.cpp clientside to be able to attack: [Hidden Content] I'm gonna add them in the next release.
  4. Serverfile Updated! Note: Starting 2021.08.01. I dropped version numbers, instead I'm using timestamps (date). 2021.08.01: Fixed some translate.lua lines (cz, tr) and removed all unnecessary starting spaces from every translate.lua in which it had. (Example: " something" --> "something") Fixed Channel4's port numbers in serverside CONFIG files. Fixed some EXCHANGE_TITLE in some locale_game.txt what blocked the trade window opening. Uploading right now. Please give a couple minutes.
  5. Thanks for pointing out. Looks like there are small mistakes in some translate.lua files. I only tested with EN, HU so soon I'll test them all and fix thing like this.
  6. Czech translate.lua line 2060 contains chars like this: \" My guess is that it not supports escaping. Remove it or change it to: ' Tomorrow I'll have a look to it and fix czech translate.lua.
  7. The item_names should be 100% original (even with little mistakes like this) because I dumped it with reverse dump_proto. It is a reference serverfile so I leave it as is but feel free to remove the space. I believe there are some extra spaces in somewhere translate.lua (at least the hungarian one) too. If someone is bothered by the spaces, I hope everyone have the skills to remove it But please report bugs furthermore, the CLAW one was good catch, thank you again
  8. Hello, thank you. I'm on it. Yes I left some claw on some skilldesc in locale (not all, like EN/HU/DE/FR doesn't have them because I made them in v1.0 ) Splash why tho? That is just on "139 HORSE" and I believe that should be there. 139 HORSE Power Wave Attack all enemies from your horse. (from lv.55) Riding Skill ATTACK_SKILL|HORSE_SKILL|WEAPON_LIMITATION SWORD|TWO_HANDED|DAGGER|DOUBLE_SWORD|BOW|FAN|BELL splash 123 1 Gonna reupload the client with the CLAWs removed from skilldesc soon. Edit: Done, version stays V1.1, I mentioned the change in Changelog.txt.
  9. Sure no problem. I made it from the official wallpapers by the way.
  10. uitooltip.py ITEM_TYPE_UNIQUE: COSTUME_TYPE_MOUNT with TIMER_BASED_ON_WEAR (you can edit/extend it to other items...) WEAPON_QUIVER: Do not copy paste, use it for compare. Also the code maybe ugly because I did not intend to share.
  11. Some basic steps to determine your problem: Does your MySQL server running? Check it via "service mysql-server status" Put your whole syserr of DB and at least first core of CH1 At server start, the output doesn't say anything unusal? Does all cores running after you started the server? You can check it via the "ps" command.
  12. Work so much? Setting priviliges takes like 5-10 mins. As I said why would you let someone to do 100% damage while you can reduce it significantly? Better servers uses GM_HOST... so if you log in to a GM account you would not have GM rights. Of course you need a well coded secure website but skipping the priviliges settings is just a lame. If anyone found a vulnerability he can do whatever he want. If you set priviliges then his opportunities are quite few.
  13. @HattanBinNassar You can set priviliges in Navicat very easy. Actually @FlorinMarian said about inserting coin is a high risk. A solution is that you make a seperate user for sms/paypal and only, just only add account.account.coin update, nothing else. Hacking an sms/paypal script is near impossible, while hacking a complex itemshop is much more possible. So in that way, the hacker can not really insert coins until he hacks paypal's gateway. Furthermore, your web db user should only have update priviliges account.account.password and email, so it really can't update coins.
  14. c2d good memories I still have my E8600 in my old pc. But anyway afxres.h is part of c++ MFC so if somebody not install that, the client source will not compile because of missing afxres.h
  15. Sorry but I don't giving out my discord. I'm not offering private help, please ask here. I'm not really understand what do you mean with "registration process get budged" but if you only set the needed priviliges to the web db user, you're only safer but nothing changes regarding the user experince. In the other hand, the hacker's experience is fall a big one
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