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  1. Astarosa

    Simple request

    You could do this from the start Thanks " + Talisman system with bouns or what : )
  2. Astarosa

    Simple request

    Coffee What ? I asked for Talismans bouns and The Aura System If You have Give me if you wan't If you don't have don't say Use Google -.-"
  3. Astarosa

    Simple request

    Hello I Want Talismans bouns and The Aura System " Google Translate " {Thanks }
  4. www.mediafire.com/file/uhkwb6gz0d6sy2w/char_item.cpp/file
  5. Hello, Guys I need Some help in Special storage system when I Enter gmake all code in Putty I Have Problem In Item_Char.cpp I am Trying To Solve This Problem But The Same Problem Repeats every time Screenshot https://prntscr.com/ss0nj2 --------------- google translate --------------- Thanks "
  6. Heh @@ Done, New Character Window without this google :#
  7. Version of Files : XXX Hello, Guys 1.- i have problem in Weapon Costume System I have checked everything IN this files all Good But idk why 2. Screenshots https://prnt.sc/sp0b54 Thanks
  8. why Arat = Mouse ? how Can i Find A Tutorial there is not Tutorial In Youtube i didn't found I Want En Character Select You Don't Have ?
  9. I Don't Know Maybe files is Encrypted ? Google Translate
  10. EterNexus http://www.mediafire.com/file/00a57ci52985d5y/EterNexus_2014.rar/file
  11. Google Translate ? It's Just Translate A simple word ARAT what is this mean
  12. oh , i think you need to change all Coordinates and tr or en to ** Google Translate
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