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  1. You're correct but i believe his problem is that it doesn't check all the characters within the account, so if one character (name him char1) has a guild, and the other character (name him char2) doesn't, It wouldn't allow char1 to not change kingdom, but char2 would be able to change kingdom while char1 maintains his guild if that makes sense?
  2. Never mind, it was my issue, forgot to remove some code that i had left over ;/
  3. He did say, that you have to hit a mob.
  4. there was a thread about this, maybe this helped him to solve it?
  5. Version of Files : XXX Good morning / afternoon I wanted to ask what source files / client do you use, and why would you recommend them? Of course this includes paid, as well as free versions. If its in the wrong category, my bad. Thanks, Sincerly,
  6. As @xP3NG3Rxmentioned above, you either code it yourself, or get a professional that will do it for you.
  7. Thats not the functionality of a shop. You describing a sort of a 'stand' that showcases items - you let people view them without the ability to buy it.
  8. Sorry for reviving this topic, but I think it might help some people If you are getting an error like this (This error occurs Starting from version 16.6) C7626 - Unnamed classes in typedef declarations Go to Skybox.h (Located in EterLib) Search for: typedef TSkyObjectQuadVector::iterator TSkyObjectQuadIterator; Underneath this you should find: typedef struct Change it to this: typedef struct CSkyBox
  9. What letter do you use for your drive? Try moving it to a different location and changing the path.
  10. I mean, its pretty self explanatory, check if the file is in correct directory (i.e d:/ymir work/ui/dragonsoul) If the file is there, check if it's not corrupt
  11. i'm pretty sure they can be found inside the binary I'm a beginner when it comes to coding - so I might be wrong
  12. most of them are linked from files that can be found inside the same folder - others are modules importerd from python itself all python files are located in root or root/uiscript
  13. Originally originated from Unreal Tournmanet 2004
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