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  1. if (ch->analyze_protect_count >= 300) 300?
  2. Solved, only pg GM have this 'problem'. Replace in srcs
  3. When I create guild buildings, items / yang are not removed from the inventory How can I solve? Thanks.
  4. Can you help me insert the fix in great's offline shop please? I didn't understand what to put in bool CHARACTER :: CanWarp () const my char.h define: #ifdef OFFLINE_SHOP public: void OpenMyShop(const char * c_pszSign, TShopItemTable * pTable, BYTE bItemCount, DWORD days); void SendShops(bool isGm = false); void OpenShop(DWORD id, const char *name, bool onboot = false); void SetPrivShop(DWORD shop_id) { bprivShop = shop_id; } BOOL IsPrivShop(void) const { return bprivShop>0; } DWORD GetPrivShop() const { return bprivShop; } voi
  5. Thanks it works! how can i find the real problem?
  6. Hi, i have this crash syserr error: 1101 00:10:34518 :: Traceback (most recent call last): 1101 00:10:34518 :: File "game.py", line 1357, in OnMouseLeftButtonUp 1101 00:10:34518 :: AttributeError 1101 00:10:34519 :: : 1101 00:10:34519 :: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'BUILD_OnMouseLeftButtonUp' 1101 00:10:34519 :: game.py def OnMouseLeftButtonUp(self): if self.interface.BUILD_OnMouseLeftButtonUp(): //1357 return if mouseModule.mouseController.isAttached(): attachedType = mouseModule.mouseController.GetAttachedType() attachedIte
  7. Hi, I have a problem. Whenever I change the map or character, Quest scroll disappears. It also disappears when logging in with another character, this is fixed only after restarting the client. It does not generate syserr. Do you know how I can solve it? Thanks
  8. Great offline shop -> https://mega.nz/#!n34FlSrD!CDhxcfP1U4CLXuV3aGp2iRW6pkBiFr4KxGxsjU4j_2M VirusTotal: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/94436706b8e5ceaf9be61a7dfd84c52ed7aae84adb4ad760ac21f9f87228e47c/detection Fix 1: https://paste2.org/Bv0APE95 Fix 2: https://paste2.org/ajLImBNf Fix 3: #include "../libgame/include/grid.h" // Aratılır. #include "../../libgame/include/grid.h" //Şeklinde değiştirilir. #ifdef SHOP_ONLY_ALLOWED_INDEX bool block = (shop_max > 0 ? (get_offline_shops_count() >= shop_max):
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