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  1. https://pastebin.com/y1JH1rjF - playersettingmodule https://pastebin.com/JeSZgSn0 - instancebase.h
  2. Hello, how can i disable this loop effect, i already saw in playersettingmodule and i didn't saw nothing like that...
  3. Hello can someone give me a hand? I need change my LZO keys but idk where and when i start with that, can someone help me?
  4. Can someone help me? Why my costume weapon is like that: Is to up
  5. Thanks the max level are in level 20 now i need other help When i try do one war "The level of guild is to low"
  6. Yes brother, but when i tried void CGuild::Initialize() { memset(&m_data, 0, sizeof(m_data)); m_data.level = 20; for (int i = 0; i < GUILD_SKILL_COUNT; ++i) abSkillUsable = true; m_iMemberCountBonus = 0; } That bug idk why
  7. #include "stdafx.h" #include "utils.h" #include "config.h" #include "char.h" #include "packet.h" #include "desc_client.h" #include "buffer_manager.h" #include "char_manager.h" #include "db.h" #include "guild.h" #include "guild_manager.h" #include "affect.h" #include "p2p.h" #include "questmanager.h" #include "building.h" #include "locale_service.h" #include "log.h" #include "questmanager.h" SGuildMember::SGuildMember(LPCHARACTER ch, BYTE grade, DWORD offer_exp) : pid(ch->GetPlayerID()), grade(grade), is_general(0), job(ch->GetJob()), level(ch-
  8. Can someone help me getting the guild level in max? I'm newbie and i need help cause it's so hard to get handle. What is the file?
  9. Can someone help me with that? Fliege serverfiles
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