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  1. ok i understand, then i will have to translate the object folder. Thanks for your answer.
  2. the only way is to translate the object? so there is no way to convert object to .ques or .lua?
  3. that is, I know that 1 x 1 can be translated in the object file, what I want is that I can convert an object folder into .quest or .lua or how can I convert it into .quest or .lua... I don't know if I can explain myself
  4. I would like to know how I can convert them to .quest or lua. no problem if I do it manually it can be one by one
  5. you mean i can do it manually? In other words, I can convert the object folder into .ques or .lua
  6. Version of Files : Turkish Hello, I want to know if there is any way to convert the object into quest or .lua files, what happens is that I don't have the quests and I would like to modify them.
  7. For some reason or other, that didn't work for me, mate. I don't know the truth. only the bootstrap -f pkg worked for me
  8. Hello, thanks for your help, after searching more than 1000 pages I found a solution, and it is the following: First place: pkg bootstrap -f Then: pkg update -f and finally: pkg install mysql56-server ... Thank you very much for your help, you can close the THEME.
  9. Hello, when I try to install mysql56, it will tell me these errors. anyone know what's up? my bsd is v 12.0
  10. it is a freebsd of the osboxes page, I have already tried to do what you tell me, to pass files and it does not let me decompile them in the osboxes folder of this freebsd.
  11. not the same as a normal .vdi? is there any way to remove osboxes login and password and put another one?
  12. I have a problem with this machine, I can't drag and I can't upload files to wincsp, I've logged in with login root, but it won't let me either, could someone help me please? Thanks in advance.
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