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  1. hi all, i would like to show my new mini system>
  2. yes,my bad, uiminimap.py
  3. you most likely have problems with costume hide system
  4. 1.if you mean whisper ,in input_main.cpp/function whisper, remove this: http://prntscr.com/uir9ok
  5. check first if the character have the type of skill selected ! because: this function: get_skill_group returns a value that is not in the table of possible skill(null)
  6. ... file: client/root/uiinventory.py function: refreshslotbag.py check the slotposition
  7. sorry,uiminimap.py from root. for what is the use of this "old time" compared to the "new one". or it is a form of expression?
  8. ... folder: userinterface file: pythontexttail.cpp function: ArrangeTextTail LINE: any line has: SetPosition
  9. for what is "old time"? post uiminimap.py
  10. petsystep.cpp, update function, check the autor has set a aff_invis and delete the mob.
  11. Catalin2o14

    Select stones

    i think thats how its done by default. if you want a option through which to select which stone to remove, you need a gui in python where select which stone to remove, then send by a command or with pachet the chosen option, then to make the necessary checks in c ++(arg1 = slot, arg2 = number of stone, this is just a eg). you can follow this model: http://prntscr.com/ue0b17
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