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  1. nice update idea: - Hide Effects General : Metin Shining, Pet Shining, Mount Shining, Amor Shining, Weapon Shining and Monster Shining
  2. hi i found a little "bug" on the system: in guildwar you have a timer from 7 seconds but normally it's 0 seconds
  3. hey i have the following problem with my cores i searched the problem already via google but i don't found anything..
  4. looks very much like Tirez & Sandmann016 from Aeldra / Metin2 Global / Elonia oh I think now it should clear thats the server from Tirez and Sandmann016 Rodinia was a old server from Tirez and Sandmann016 too
  5. Hi Guys ! I want to change to Bonus of some Skills in Party ( Leadership ) Here a Screenshot, the bonus at the moment is: +7 Attack Speed where can i change that ? (for example to monster) thank you for help guys !
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