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  1. Hey, it isn't a bug, it is from bloodpill or something named like that.
  2. I have this problem too with vanilla core.
  3. Hello, so I can login on my server normally but when people try to login in my server they get dc'ed on character selection , can't even loading, I'm using serverfiles 40k with Vanilla core here is the syslog ​Sep 18 14:52:18 :: SetRemainSecs admin 0 type 2 Sep 18 14:52:18 :: BILLING: PUSH admin 874 type 2 Sep 18 14:52:18 :: BILLING: OFF admin key 549589910 ptr 0x28980240 Sep 18 14:52:19 :: FLUSH_USE_TIME: count 1 Sep 18 14:52:23 :: SYSTEM: new connection from [] fd: 15 handshake 1291028369 output input_len 0, ptr 0x2890e000 Sep 18 14:52:24 :: Handshake: client_time 0 server_time
  4. https://imageshack.com/i/idoPLFx9p add a img so you people can see what is going
  5. Hey, im having a problem that some people are having too, I'm using 40k files, I tried ALL the files 40k, but when I try to connect to the game it don't go through the " you will get connected.." but if I use 2080m or 34k i can connect easily. I checked all the ports on the client , that ch1 is 12345 and the auth is 14004, and on the portmap too. Someone know how to fix? I'm having a bad time Sorry for my bad english
  6. 0913 23:04:09927 :: CPythonItem::LoadItemTable: invalid item_proto[locale/de/item_proto] STRIDE[156] != sizeof(SItemTable) 0913 23:04:09928 :: LoadLocaleData - LoadItemProto(locale/de/item_proto) Error 0913 23:04:17428 :: CMapOutdoor::Load - LoadMonsterAreaInfo ERROR 0913 23:04:19156 :: CPythonPlayer::SetItemData(dwSlotIndex=13, itemIndex=50822) - Failed to item data 0913 23:04:19157 :: CPythonPlayer::SetItemData(dwSlotIndex=12, itemIndex=50823) - Failed to item data 0913 23:04:19157 :: CPythonPlayer::SetItemData(dwSlotIndex=10, itemIndex=50825) - Failed to item data 0913 23:04:19157 ::
  7. Good afternoon I'm using a version r34 files, so whenever I go to the locale (in this case client uses German) and change the item_proto to another, the client opens up will choose character but falls when entering the game. I tried to change the other files in txt and the client opens, normaly. Someone who can give me help? or give a hint? greetings Sorry my bad english



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