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  1. And how can i resolv the problem? I think it's from the binary source, is it?
  2. I already made that, the same thing happened
  3. Main problem : config / metin2.cfg keeps resetting every launch Hello, i have an client problem. When i want to change for example the resolution from config.exe, and click SAVE, it will be saved at the first launch. If i want to launch the client the second time, the metin2.cfg deletes whats inside of it and the resolution is another one. What should it be the main reason that metin2.cfg resets every launch? And if you ask, metin2.cfg nor config.exe are not in the autopatcher.
  4. Hello, the blacksmith from DemonTower doesn't work. If you try to put an armour (if is the Armour BlackSmith) or weapon (Weapon BlackSmith), it says that "You already received your award" like you refined something even if you didn't. It's a quest problem ?
  5. Hello, i have a new question, since i don't know so many about sources, i think i have a bug. I can't remove someone from my guild, it appears like this : instead of this I dont have someone in my guild that's why at "Breasla"(which means Guild) is no one, but this is how it looks to other players. What should i do? Is that a source binary problem or client problem?
  6. Hello, i added the configs, and editet the serverinfo.py and the start.sh. I start the CH2 very good, and it appears that is online, but when i want to connect it says that i can't connect to the server. Do i miss something?
  7. I modified the Demon Tower server_timer hmm.. it may be that the problem ??
  8. Hello, i have a new game core crash. Thank you @WeedHex for your help with the CreateDropItemVector last time, but a new bug appeared. After i resolved with the CreateDropItemVector, it was very fine for like one day. Now i have this error : It there a problem from the FreeBSD lib ?
  9. hello, i have a core crash on channel 1. When i used gdb (game debugger) those are the error i got this is when i used the 'bt' command : This is the CreateDropItemVector from item_manager.cpp : If you want the BT FULL command, i have it on my PC, but maybe someone will know how to help me. I'm desperate, it crashes every few hours.
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