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  1. Hi guys I try to add sasii switchbot but i when compile the launcher i get this errors https://prnt.sc/rqh362 Well, i know is undefinited header but how i should define ?
  2. Hi guys I have a question Where i should go to edit this ? https://prnt.sc/rmtclk I tried on tooltip.py but edit just on information on item ... https://prnt.sc/rmtpf1
  3. Hm, i know that, but i want to put add when i didnt have bns, i fixed with costume and hair but still doesn't work with costume_weapon When i put add on costume weapon, take my 76043 but didnt put or show bonus.
  4. Hi I have add/switch for costume but not for all costumes works. What i should edit to work for all costumes? I have added talismans, how could I make an add and change especially for them? Ty
  5. Hello guys, i have this problem when i start the server,. i tried to reset pw on mysql, to change user and pw and nothing... And i tried to give all acces on this user PUBLIC_IP: interface em0 mysql_real_connect: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/tmp/mysql.sock' (61) cannot open direct sql connection to host: localhost user: mysql db: common cannot start server while no common sql connected HOSTNAME: channel1 Edit I find this in sysser on database Thanks
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