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  1. I had a problem with the offline shop (probably something messed in the source while I was implementing the Won System) and today Ikarus fixed it for free. He exaclty knew where the problem was and it took him only 15 minutes to get it done. I continue to recommend this man. The support he gives is worth the price of its systems
  2. I have a question... I have generated translate_xx.lua but how do I use it? I need a specific locale for this file, right? The official locale de cannot be used because the format in quests is different
  3. Oh lol, i confused xtrap with hacktrap. nevermind thanks anyway you can close this topic
  4. Version of Files : 40k Hi, I noticed that some server are now using hacktrap as anti-hack protection and it is working quite well. Do you know how to re-enable hacktrap on 40k file server? Thanks!
  5. Which one do you prefer and why? I think unlimited yang is easier to cope with from player perspective.
  6. I have a problem with the blue dragon. When I attack it I cannot see the damage I do to him. For all other mobs I can see the damange. I cannot find anything in the sources that says to hide the damange. Maybe the problem is related to something else? Thanks in advance
  7. I had some systems that were incompatible with his offline shop. I modified these systems for free while installing his offline shop
  8. I bought the offline shop from this guy. Service 100% reccommended! He installed the offline shop and I'm using it on my live server. Players seems to like it, especially the auction function. Ikarus replies to PMs on Discord and is willing to help in case of necessity. The code looks very clean and well coded to me.
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