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  1. Problem / Question: Emoji System *Additional details: I can't see the icons on the emojis, when I type the emoji it stays empty as in the picture, they are inserted in the icon where they should be, I tried to change their location but in vain
  2. The problem was solved successfully
  3. I did it but the same problemI did it but the same problem
  4. Version of Files : XXX Hello I have a problem with the Client The language changed from Spanish To Arabic locale_es locale_ae syserr 0722 22:04:44228 :: File "networkModule.py", line 240, in SetGamePhase 0722 22:04:44228 :: File "game.py", line 218, in init 0722 22:04:44228 :: File "interfaceModule.py", line 593, in MakeInterface 0722 22:04:44228 :: File "interfaceModule.py", line 682, in __Make12ziRewardWindow 0722 22:04:44228 :: File "ui12zi.py", line 223, in init 0722 22:04:44228 :
  5. I have a problem, hope for a solution https://prnt.sc/sup5z7 I hope someone will answer
  6. pls send link ios or vdi
  7. I am looking for freeBSD 11.2 32 bits And also 11.2 64-bit Vdi format I hope to get them here in the forum Thank you
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