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  1. 40k Hello, can i ask about this error what i have in syserr/syslog in db if its dangerous or from where comes it, some fix for it. syserr syslog it doesnt kick me from game, so i can play but i dont like it. Thanks for any help, have a nice day
  2. update: when i change LPITEM pkItem = ch->GetInventoryItem(bPos); to LPITEM pkItem = ch->GetDragonSoulInventoryItem(bPos); its work, but only for alchemy, how i can combine these two functions? Thanks
  3. check root dragon_soul_refine_settings and dragon_soul_table.txt in sf
  4. Version of Files : XXX Hello i have one problem with offline shop, i cant add dragon soul there, after i add core down, sysser, syslog dont say anything. if somebody can look for this code what i have i will be thankfull void COfflineShopManager::AddItem(LPCHARACTER ch, BYTE bDisplayPos, BYTE bPos, long long iPrice, long long iPricem) { if (!ch) return; // Fixed bug 6.21.2015 if (bDisplayPos >= OFFLINE_SHOP_HOST_ITEM_MAX_NUM) { sys_err("Overflow offline shop slot count [%s]", ch->GetName()); return; } // End Of fixed bug 6.21.201 // End Of Check player has offline shop or not LPITEM pkItem = ch->GetInventoryItem(bPos); const char* nameseller = ch->GetName(); const char* nameitem = pkItem->GetName(); int iItemRefine = pkItem->GetRefineLevel(); int iItemLevel; int iItemType = pkItem->GetType(); int iItemSubtype = pkItem->GetSubType(); DWORD iItemAntiflag = pkItem->GetAntiFlag(); if (pkItem->GetLimitType(0)) iItemLevel = pkItem->GetLimitValue(0); else iItemLevel = 0; if (!pkItem) return; // Check const TItemTable * itemTable = pkItem->GetProto(); if (IS_SET(itemTable->dwAntiFlags, ITEM_ANTIFLAG_GIVE | ITEM_ANTIFLAG_MY_OFFLINE_SHOP)) { ch->ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, LC_TEXT("OFFLINEANTIFLAG.")); return; } if (pkItem->isLocked()) return; if (pkItem->IsEquipped()) { ch->ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, LC_TEXT("OFFLINEEQIUP.")); return; } char szColumns[QUERY_MAX_LEN], szValues[QUERY_MAX_LEN]; int iLen = snprintf(szColumns, sizeof(szColumns), "id,owner_id,pos,count,price,pricem,vnum,owner_name,meno_itemu,item_level,item_refine, item_type, item_subtype, item_antiflag"); int iUpdateLen = snprintf(szValues, sizeof(szValues), "%u,%u,%d,%u,%lld,%lld,%u,'%s','%s',%d,%d,%d,%d,%d", pkItem->GetID(), ch->GetPlayerID(), bDisplayPos, pkItem->GetCount(), iPrice, iPricem, pkItem->GetVnum(),nameseller, nameitem, iItemLevel, iItemRefine,iItemType, iItemSubtype, iItemAntiflag); if (g_bOfflineShopSocketMax == 3) { iLen += snprintf(szColumns + iLen, sizeof(szColumns) - iLen, ",socket0,socket1,socket2"); iUpdateLen += snprintf(szValues + iUpdateLen, sizeof(szValues) - iUpdateLen, ",%ld,%ld,%ld", pkItem->GetSocket(0), pkItem->GetSocket(1), pkItem->GetSocket(2)); } else if(g_bOfflineShopSocketMax == 4) { iLen += snprintf(szColumns + iLen, sizeof(szColumns) - iLen, ",socket0,socket1,socket2,socket3"); iUpdateLen += snprintf(szValues + iUpdateLen, sizeof(szValues) - iUpdateLen, ",%ld,%ld,%ld,%ld", pkItem->GetSocket(0), pkItem->GetSocket(1), pkItem->GetSocket(2), pkItem->GetSocket(3)); } else if(g_bOfflineShopSocketMax == 5) { iLen += snprintf(szColumns + iLen, sizeof(szColumns) - iLen, ",socket0,socket1,socket2,socket3,socket4"); iUpdateLen += snprintf(szValues + iUpdateLen, sizeof(szValues) - iUpdateLen, ",%ld,%ld,%ld,%ld,%ld", pkItem->GetSocket(0), pkItem->GetSocket(1), pkItem->GetSocket(2), pkItem->GetSocket(3), pkItem->GetSocket(4)); } else if(g_bOfflineShopSocketMax == 6) { iLen += snprintf(szColumns + iLen, sizeof(szColumns) - iLen, ",socket0,socket1,socket2,socket3,socket4,socket5"); iUpdateLen += snprintf(szValues + iUpdateLen, sizeof(szValues) - iUpdateLen, ",%ld,%ld,%ld,%ld,%ld,%ld", pkItem->GetSocket(0), pkItem->GetSocket(1), pkItem->GetSocket(2), pkItem->GetSocket(3), pkItem->GetSocket(4), pkItem->GetSocket(5)); } iLen += snprintf(szColumns + iLen, sizeof(szColumns) - iLen, ", attrtype0, attrvalue0, attrtype1, attrvalue1, attrtype2, attrvalue2, attrtype3, attrvalue3, attrtype4, attrvalue4, attrtype5, attrvalue5, attrtype6, attrvalue6,attrtype7, attrvalue7, attrtype8, attrvalue8"); iUpdateLen += snprintf(szValues + iUpdateLen, sizeof(szValues) - iUpdateLen, ",%d,%d,%d,%d,%d,%d,%d,%d,%d,%d,%d,%d,%d,%d,%d,%d,%d,%d", pkItem->GetAttributeType(0), pkItem->GetAttributeValue(0), pkItem->GetAttributeType(1), pkItem->GetAttributeValue(1), pkItem->GetAttributeType(2), pkItem->GetAttributeValue(2), pkItem->GetAttributeType(3), pkItem->GetAttributeValue(3), pkItem->GetAttributeType(4), pkItem->GetAttributeValue(4), pkItem->GetAttributeType(5), pkItem->GetAttributeValue(5), pkItem->GetAttributeType(6), pkItem->GetAttributeValue(6), pkItem->GetAttributeType(7), pkItem->GetAttributeValue(7), pkItem->GetAttributeType(8), pkItem->GetAttributeValue(8)); char szInsertQuery[QUERY_MAX_LEN]; snprintf(szInsertQuery, sizeof(szInsertQuery), "INSERT INTO player.offline_shop_item (%s) VALUES (%s)", szColumns, szValues); InsertInMysql(ch, pkItem, bPos, iPrice, iPricem); std::auto_ptr<SQLMsg> pMsg(DBManager::instance().DirectQuery(szInsertQuery)); pkItem->RemoveFromCharacter(); LPCHARACTER npc = CHARACTER_MANAGER::instance().Find(FindMyOfflineShop(ch->GetPlayerID())); if (!npc) return; LPOFFLINESHOP pkOfflineShop = FindOfflineShop(npc->GetVID()); if (!pkOfflineShop) return; pkOfflineShop->BroadcastUpdateItem(bDisplayPos, ch->GetPlayerID()); LogManager::instance().ItemLog(ch, pkItem, "ADD ITEM OFFLINE SHOP", ""); } Thanks very much.
  5. its not error, it should be like this, but i dont want it
  6. please can i ask you why my sura woman when have armor fly? What should i edit to make it normal? Thanks very much for any help.
  7. thanks for share, but i got this error, indentifier LPDIRECT3DTEXTURE8 and LPDIRECT3DSURFACE8 is undefined, can you help me? thanks
  8. your player table dont like " �ҵ�" so change character set.
  9. hello, https://mega.nz/#!iYl3VI7Z!BapJYnMRcjECa_qgBaXLf3HAzA58YTpP3-hTjYpX8Ro
  10. hello i trying to do poison icon at hp gauge for mob(not for players!), so if MOB have poison, that icon show it, but i still fail, can somebody help me, im not best in this. here is my code: game.py def BINARY_NEW_AddAffect(self, type, pointIdx, value, duration): self.affectShower.BINARY_NEW_AddAffect(type, pointIdx, value, duration) if chr.NEW_AFFECT_DRAGON_SOUL_DECK1 == type or chr.NEW_AFFECT_DRAGON_SOUL_DECK2 == type: self.interface.DragonSoulActivate(type - chr.NEW_AFFECT_DRAGON_SOUL_DECK1) elif chr.NEW_AFFECT_DRAGON_SOUL_QUALIFIED == type: self.BINARY_DragonSoulGiveQuilification() elif chr.AFFECT_POISON == type or 209 == type: self.interface.poisonshow() def BINARY_NEW_RemoveAffect(self, type, pointIdx): self.affectShower.BINARY_NEW_RemoveAffect(type, pointIdx) if chr.NEW_AFFECT_DRAGON_SOUL_DECK1 == type or chr.NEW_AFFECT_DRAGON_SOUL_DECK2 == type: self.interface.DragonSoulDeactivate() elif chr.AFFECT_POISON == type or 209 == type: self.interface.poisonhide() interfacemodule.py def poisonshow(self): self.TargetBoard.HPPoisonEffectShow() def poisonhide(self): self.TargetBoard.HPPoisonEffectHide() uitarget.py def HPPoisonEffectShow(self): self.poisonEffect = 1 def HPPoisonEffectHide(self): self.poisonEffect = 0 def SetEnemyVID(self, vid): self.SetTargetVID(vid) name = chr.GetNameByVID(vid) if app.ENABLE_SEND_TARGET_INFO: vnum = nonplayer.GetRaceNumByVID(vid) if app.ENABLE_SEND_TARGET_INFO: vnum2 = nonplayer.GetRaceNumByVID(vid) level = nonplayer.GetLevelByVID(vid) grade = nonplayer.GetGradeByVID(vid) nameFront1 = " " nameFront2 = " " nameFront = localeInfo.MOB_INFO_MENO + str(name) if -1 != level: nameFront1 = localeInfo.MOB_INFO_LEVEL + str(level) + " " if self.GRADE_NAME.has_key(grade): nameFront2 = localeInfo.MOB_INFO_HODNOST + self.GRADE_NAME[grade] self.SetTargetName(nameFront) self.SetTargetName1(nameFront1) self.SetTargetName2(nameFront2) if app.ENABLE_SEND_TARGET_INFO: (textWidth, textHeight) = self.name.GetTextSize() self.infoButton.SetPosition(textWidth + 25, 12) self.infoButton.SetWindowHorizontalAlignLeft() self.vnum = vnum if chr.GetInstanceType(self.vid) == chr.INSTANCE_TYPE_PLAYER: self.infoButton.Hide() else: self.infoButton.Show() if app.ENABLE_SEND_TARGET_INFO: (textWidth, textHeight) = self.name.GetTextSize() self.infoButton2.SetPosition(textWidth + 65, 12) self.infoButton2.SetWindowHorizontalAlignLeft() self.vnum2 = vnum2 if chr.GetInstanceType(self.vid) == chr.INSTANCE_TYPE_PLAYER: self.infoButton2.Hide() if self.poisonEffect == 0: self.infoButton2.Hide() else: self.infoButton2.Show() if i make if self.poisonEffect == 0: self.infoButton2.show() that show that icon, so in icon is not problem, only client dont know when show it, dont know when is poison maybe? THANKS VERY MUCH FOR ANY HELP. Have a nice day!
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