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  1. I need a item or something to activate on a character the premium shop feature?
  2. How to configure the duration and price of the shop? Other offlineshops you can modify in config If I don't have any offlineshop in my files, does it do the same as the others or does it have any difference?
  3. now i think i made it but if i put any item transmutated it shows the code of item instead of the green icon [Hidden Content] (in image; lv1 sword transmutated to lv75 sword code 189) Anyone know why?
  4. I have added the tc offlineshop but I can't add items with transmutation in it, could someone help me to add the transmutation to the offlineshop? or if anyone knows any guide I would be grateful.
  5. i saw some servers with similar system that opens shop from any map. Idk if is the same system or not [Hidden Content]
  6. @Vaynz Thx for your support. I changed the system and now its working
  7. game.py : [Hidden Content] minimap.py : [Hidden Content]
  8. i dont understand..can u please help me? i tryed with that : def __DungeonInfo(self): self.wndDungeonInfo = None self.wndDungeonInfo.Open() but dont work...
  9. anyone know how to solve?? everything works fine but i have this problem, credentials dont appear written [Hidden Content]
  10. everything works fine but i have this problem, credentials dont appear written [Hidden Content]
  11. I have put this system and I open it with F6 with this function ---------> onPressKeyDict[app.DIK_F6] = lambda : self.interface.ShowDungeonInfoInterface() Image of system: [Hidden Content] I have put this button on the mini map but I don't know how to make it open the system: Image of button: [Hidden Content] My uiminimap.py file: [Hidden Content] Hope someone can help me
  12. thank you very much for spending time to help me! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
  13. How i can remove the whole snippet? Deleting this? if v != 0 then target.vid("theowahdan", v, "Theowahdan") end

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