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  1. !! Changelog 1.0.30 !! Dear community, please find attached our latest changelog: https://zaos.eu/article/changelog-1030
  2. !! Changelog 1.0.29 !! Dear community, please find attached our latest changelog: https://zaos.eu/article/changelog-1029
  3. !! DATACENTER NETWORK RESTORED !! Dear community, please refer to the following articles for explanations of yesterday's outbreak => https://zaos.eu/article/datacenter-maintenance-26042020 Regards, Zaos Europe Team.
  4. !! NEW EXPANSION - Airen, Chronicle I !! Sharpen your blades, focus your mind and prepare yourself to an undiscovered land of outlaws and seaborn creatures... Full Article: https://zaos.eu/article/new-expansion-airen-18042020 Teaser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Z6YI-YCmb4
  5. Dear Community, the multi language component of Zaos is now fully operational, we hope to you all soon! Article: https://zaos.eu/article/changelog-1018
  6. Please find attached our latest Changelog: https://zaos.eu/article/changelog-110
  7. !! UPDATE !! Please read the full article: https://zaos.eu/article/opening-28032020-10-gmt-1
  8. Information about opening times is available through: https://zaos.eu/article/zaos-europe-opening-27032020 See you all friday!
  9. Greetings Metin2Dev Community! We are proud to make available our newly made presentation of Zaos Europe. Our game will work with Level Cap in each Expansion and each one of them will have more levels, new maps, equipment and much more! While some will find strange to only have 35 levels, it's just the start. With Expansions we can focus better on the content and the community feedback. - Type: New School - Difficulty: Medium/Hard - (Initial) Maximum Level: 35 - (Projected) Maximum Level: 115 - (Expansions) L
  10. Dear community: https://zaos.eu/article/public-beta-closed
  11. Hello everyone, Zaos Public Beta is now online! Feel free to join us!
  12. Dear Community, we are proud to present you Zaos Europe an International Newschool. In the bottom you will find more information about it, for now enjoy our small presentation for the Beta Phase ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We bring you a new project that we have been working on for a while now and we’re really excited for you guys to take a look and tell us what you think! First of all, don’t be scared if you see a lev
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