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  1. That comment is dumb af. You can't secure your self against sql injections by just disallowing people from using special characters. That's not the point of cyber defence.
  2. Very nice release, I was bothering with that since I first saw that stupidity! There is only one way we could improve the code 'style'. I think at the end, performance wise, It won't really affect the compilation or execution speed: Instead of increasing the counters before any continue; or at the end of the while loop, use "do-while" in combination with the increment operator: do { [...] } while (TextFileLoader.SetChildNode("hairdata", dwHairDataCount++));
  3. If you're done updating to llvm11 and 64 bit. Don't forget to play arounf with -fsanitizer. It works like a charm and helps me a lot!
  4. He needs to do that, but he needs to recompile / use the 64 bit equvivalent of the libs too. And he needs to recompile metin2's libs like libthecore etc etc. It's not as easy as it sounds if you ask me. Changing dependencies is always a shit ton of work / trial & error.
  5. Not possible with VS Code extensions as far as I know. But you could try SSHFS, there are tools that were developed from google to ensure a nice workflow.
  6. Hey Lead here from the other board. I don't think he has stolen it from me, maybe he got the idea from there and then coded it himself. I would recognize my own code style if he had really copied it one for one.
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