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  1. Wdym? The link is just working fine ?
  2. Good Job Mind telling me why you recorded 2 diff. clients?
  3. Mind sharing how you put the GameRender in your LoginWindow? I've been looking around but didn't found anything.
  4. Leafxc

    Guildwar Map

    I wonder too, but in general the dark theme looks good. But more like after-the-war
  5. Get the metin2bin file from the official launcher.
  6. I do have it right there: if app.ENABLE_REFINE_RENEWAL: def CheckRefineDialog(self, isFail): self.dlgRefineNew.CheckRefine(isFail)
  7. Open your game.py with Notepad++ CTRL-F => def RefineSuceededMessage(self): def RefineSuceededMessage(self): snd.PlaySound("sound/ui/make_soket.wav") <== ADD THIS AGAIN self.PopupMessage(localeInfo.REFINE_SUCCESS) if app.ENABLE_REFINE_RENEWAL: self.interface.CheckRefineDialog(False) def RefineFailedMessage(self): snd.PlaySound("sound/ui/jaeryun_fail.wav") <== ADD THIS AGAIN self.PopupMessage(localeInfo.REFINE_FAILURE) if app.ENABLE_REFINE_RENEWAL: self.interface.CheckRefineDialog(True)
  8. Sorry to bring this one up. But i'm fairly new to scripts (python). Can someone explain me this? I tried to follow his tutorial but..i didn't could reproduce / follow one step of him. Sorry fixed the Problem myself
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