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  1. Hello, i have a quest function (topic title). My problem is that, i can't fishing if i next to water, somebody know what's wrong in code? Function: https://pastebin.com/CQz9SkFt
  2. I have that what i wanted, close
  3. Hello. Is there a function that checks if a player is using emotions? For example: when player using emotion "dance" he can't use item. I looking for a function in src game. Best regards.
  4. Problem solved, if anybody else will have this problem, just delete all files in OBJDIR folder and recompile again
  5. Hi, i have problem with compilation. When i try compile my game, i have this lines: I deleted my changes in code but this didn't help, somebody have idea what's wrong? gmake dep and gmake clean didn't help. Best regard.
  6. Yee, i like it too, but i don't understand? Edit: Solved, @Cunoo helped me
  7. @Cunoo When i change my line of "if" to "if not pc.get_skill_group() == 1 and pc.get_job()== 0 or pc.get_job() == 4 then i doesn't work, when i change pc.get_skill_group() == 1 to pc.get_skill_group() == 2 (MENTAL) i can use item. Thanks for quests but in my case i can't use like this: if bla bla bla bla else <---- with else bla bla I have to include this "if" to this list: when xxx.use begin if pc.get_skill_group() == 0 then syschat("...") return
  8. Hi, i have a problem with "if" in my quest. This quest looks like: when xxx.use begin [...] if pc.get_skill_group() != 1 and pc.get_job() != 0 or pc.get_job() != 4 then syschat("["..item.get_name().."]".." you are not a warrior body") return end Translate: When im not a BODY and WARRIOR MEN or WOMAN, return... but when i try use item on warrior with skills BODY, i got syschat "you are not a warrior body" Really i don't know why this doesn't work, this is a simple function, somebody have idea whats wrong? B
  9. Very good work, keep it up
  10. Zoom

    Easter 2020

    Nice models, costumes is the best
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