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  1. Have you core in channel folder/db folder or sysser?
  2. I added this twice, 0 errors, i edited values and nothing happen. I have mob_scale on some mobs and i have to change height of their name. I saw thread on this forum, someone tryed this solution but for him doesn't work too.
  3. Try this: Open PythonMiniMap and search this: Then, after this add: Just insert your ID in array blockID.
  4. Something like this, but this didn't work for me.
  5. Hello, anyone has a solution or idea, how i can manage height of mob name per VNUM? Best regards.
  6. Yes, bonuses work perfectly. In python i have only new class of UI in uiiinventory and functions for open this gui with button. Uitooltip: elif item.ITEM_TYPE_RUNE == itemType: self.__AppendLimitInformation() self.__AppendAffectInformation() self.__AppendAttributeInformation(attrSlot) Uiscriptfile and that's all in python part. Edit: I fixed my problem, thank you both of us for trying help
  7. Thanks for this example but i want "repair" my problem. I don't want makes this in this way
  8. I have this in my if. self.__AppendLimitInformation() self.__AppendAffectInformation() self.__AppendAttributeInformation(attrSlot)
  9. Hello, i created new type of item and i have a little problem. I have bonuses on mysql and bonuses are working but i don't see them on description (uitooltip). I compared code of ITEM_BELT with my new item and i don't see that something is missing. Somebody know, in which file i can looking for problem/missing part? Best regards.
  10. Hello, i have a problem with skills on dungeons, like Enchanted Blade or shaman buff skills. When i use the skills and join to dungeon, skill icon (left-corner) disapears, when i use skills again, icons doesn't shows. When i finish dungeon, function teleporting me to village and i teleport to m1, skills icons are showing. When i use skills on city, icons are showing, when i teleporting to city or anyelse map, i have icons, problem is only on dungeon. Anybody have a solution for this or idea how to fix this, or where i can find some information for this in source? Best regards.
  11. I have a function from Koray that check if player standing next to water. bool CHARACTER::IsNearWater() const { if (!GetSectree()) return false; for (int x = -1; x <= 1; ++x) { for (int y = -1; y <= 1; ++y) { if (IS_SET(GetSectree()->GetAttribute(GetX() + x * 100, GetY() + y * 100), ATTR_WATER)) return true; } } return false; } I need to use this function in quest, so i maked something like this: int pc_near_water(lua_State* L) { LPCHARACTER ch = CQuestManager::instance().GetCurrentCharacterPtr(); if (ch) lua_pushboolean(L, ch->IsNearWater()); return 0; } That's all i have but when i try fishing nex to water or anywhere i want, i can't. Anybody can help me?
  12. Hello, i have a quest function (topic title). My problem is that, i can't fishing if i next to water, somebody know what's wrong in code? Function: https://pastebin.com/CQz9SkFt
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