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  1. Hi! Like this: SHOP_ERROR_DICT = { ------- } if app.ENABLE_RENEWAL_SHOPEX: SHOP_ERROR_DICT["..."].... def NumberToShopEXP(n): .......
  2. Hi! syserr in client side? or check THIS
  3. Hi Devs! I put in the system, "The Dungeon Ranking System". Everything okey in client side but, i use the quest for the open the GUI and here the problem. Syserr: Mar 19 03:59:27 :: OnClick Yak-Hwan[vnum 20377 ServerUniqueID 41623, pid 0] by DAdmin SYSERR: Mar 19 03:59:29 :: RunState: LUA_ERROR: [string "dragonlair_ranking"]:7: attempt to call field `OpenRanking' (a nil value) SYSERR: Mar 19 03:59:29 :: WriteRunningStateToSyserr: LUA_ERROR: quest dragonlair_ranking.(null) letter questlua_dragonlair.cpp: (I need the questlua.h?) Include: #include "stdafx.h" #include "que
  4. Hi! Check the skilldesc in your client and the number (i colored it red). example: 1 WARRIOR Három irányú vágás Tripla vágás Tripla metszés Villámgyorsan vágd meg az ellenséget. Frontális vágás 3-szor ATTACK_SKILL|NEED_TARGET|WEAPON_LIMITATION SWORD|TWO_HANDED samyeon 1 4 Össz támadó érték %.0f-%.0f (1.1*MinATK + (0.1*MinATK + 1.5*STR)*SkillPoint) * 3 (1.1*MaxATK + (0.1*MaxATK + 1.5*STR)*SkillPoint) * 3 I hope, it works for you. King Regards
  5. check the player->shop_cost i think. (idk the system)
  6. Okey, i ignore it. Thanks for the answer
  7. No, i'm not a troll.. Yes @TMP4 this just a simple question. Its normal? Check my syslog: SYSLOG I worried, because its too many i think...
  8. Hi Dev's! I have a little interesting problem and i dont have any idea what is it.. Problem: (database syslog) What is the solution for this? Thank you in advance for your help! Best Regards
  9. What is the solution to this? EDIT: my fault, i was careless while writing..
  10. Login putty (FreeBSD 11.3) Write this: portsnap fetch update and portsnap fetch extract - wait 2 minutes. If you need mysql write this code: pkg install mysql56-server or you need MariaDB write this: pkg install mariadb103-server Write this code: ee /etc/rc.conf and put this code somewhere: mysql_enable="YES" Run mysql: service mysql-server start download this lib and put /usr/lib32 OR upload lib32.tar.gz to /usr/lib32 and write this: cd /usr/lib32 and tar zxf lib32.tar.gz Now upload your SF and unpack. Rewrite the con
  11. Hy community! Soo, i have difficulty with dragon soul system. I can't open in inventory, but at npc can open.. Why can this be? --> image <-- Thank you in advance! Best Regards!
  12. Hi Dev! I have a little bug or something.. So i trade another player, and marking his item, not mine. Img: Please help for me Best regards
  13. Thank you xHeaven! #Solved Best Regards
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