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  1. Anyone @VegaS™ @martysama0134
  2. Hey guys, i have a question i'm trying to compile a client source, for this binary i'll need to use visual studio 2019 and all the new stuff. But when i compile i get strange syntax errors in files where there aren't any syntax errors. Here are some examples: (Click on the Spoiler to see the images) Here are the 2 files from screenshot, i can put my hands on fire that there are no syntax errors! https://mega.nz/file/r2plBBbQ#gXrqCU8WwNdEiN0CxEJVqLM6PVS2KJwtfC7ce7Mj5aQ Can someone help me please? I really want to fix this issue..
  3. I dont recommend using this won system it has memory leaks
  4. nvm. i deleted the system.
  5. hey vanilla, could you show a example for a 3 seconds timer when player attacked other player
  6. Definitly Vegas no one else, trust me.
  7. Vegas already did that and his is working perfect like official but still thank you!
  8. Why dont you ask in m2downloads? Thought there are good developers haha.
  9. What a great project!! Insane, wish i could help
  10. Very good prices.
  11. @Mali61 What do you think about a rework of your party match bro? Btw a big thanks to you for everything you have done to this community, your a great man
  12. The best is vegas multi language you cant get better one and he supports you even if you need help
  13. you need to use the relative locale for correct charset
  14. im back and they mad @ASIKOO i will spam tag you now. (your on my list!)
  15. Hey guys, i edited my shop and noticed that the Items are just randomly put in. Does someone know how i can sort the shop of a certain npc (vnum check) depending on Level and item type/subtype? if there are lv30 swords and lvl75 swords it should show the lv30 first OG's @xP3NG3Rx, @VegaS™, @martysama0134 PLS!
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