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  1. You did something wrong. Check Server Source again.
  2. Exactly, lets still appreciate this. And ignore other people who say its easily bypassable.
  3. In official there is actually no one able to farm with 5 characters at the same time. one of the reasons to this is that the metin stone spawn is more rare (there are a lot more reasons) So in basically every private server you start full equipped because everyone is lazy. You can just open 5 characters go to a place where a lot of metin stones are and farm with 5 characters at the same time. This is a big problem, its making metin a tryhard game.
  4. This worked. Thank you Bro do you have a solution for slot machine? I don't think i did something wrong.
  5. https://metin2.dev/bin/?9843fb5860c1b5e7#AVdfaLjB5Pnxn5nHcwGY8Y1MdPUD4wsENxighLVnQpDD .cpp https://metin2.dev/bin/?6fc610a9d34a3651#862m1UkGgDdd5i7Nm5DL7kqdR6kLJPSQpx8K3aA9EoGg .h And yes bro, i do have data files.
  6. (gdb) bt full #0 CHARACTER::StartSlotMachine (this=0x524429c0, bBet=<optimized out>) at char.cpp:12602 bSlot = <error reading variable bSlot (Cannot access memory at address 0x0)> iPrice = <optimized out> iFound = <optimized out> bJackPot = false iWinnings = 0 GCPacket = <optimized out> iSlotMachineMltiplier = <optimized out> iSlotMachineReels = <optimized out> #1 0x08132759 in CInputMain::SlotMachine (this=<optimized out>, ch=<optimized out>, c_pData=0x2 <erro
  7. This doesnt work for me, the first release (Slot Machine) doesnt work too. In Slot Machine i get a core crash..
  8. Hey guys i've been experiencing a random core crash in my test root files. For example core1 crashes but there is no .core file or helpful logs... i have this error now since weeks can somebody please help me?
  9. I changed all of the data types. Still core crash.
  10. Hey guys, i found a system released in owsap's github. I implemented it, but when i press the start button, my game crashes and my vdi says "Stackoverflow detected..." Here is the function bool CHARACTER::StartSlotMachine(uint8_t bBet) { if (!IsPC()) return false; if (!GetDesc()) return false; if (!CanWarp()) return false; if (!m_bSlotMachineOpen) return false; if (m_pkSlotMachineEvent) { ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, LC_TEXT("[Slot Machine] The machine is already running.")); return false; } if (bBet > SlotMachineBetMap.size() || bBet < 1) bBet =
  11. I bought his Growth Pet System and I am 100% satisfied. Sonitex is currently the best developer in my opinion and is actually always there for your questions.
  12. Kafa


    You're reselling an leaked Version of a Growth Pet System. I don't recommend buying a Growth Pet System from someone else then our Big developers or Sonitex. DONT TRUST ANY ONE, THERE IS A REASON THEY CANT SELL IN METIN2DEV!
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