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  1. [Hidden Content] how do I center the position of the text at the top?
  2. I need tabs, no secondary money xD
  3. Could someone give me a tutorial on how to create stores with multiple tabs?
  4. Would it be possible in the refine_proto table to put in which npc we want the refinement to be done?
  5. [Hidden Content] I sent the files here. My problem is that when I increase the status of the sugnma it increases but in the window it remains 0.
  6. can you add me in discord please? Kaylee#3362 I'm just remove in contants.cpp // POINT_CONQUEROR_POINT because if I leave it gives error to compile #ifdef ENABLE_CONQUEROR_LEVEL { POINT_SUNGMA_STR, }, { POINT_SUNGMA_HP, }, { POINT_SUNGMA_MOVE, }, { POINT_SUNGMA_INMUNE, }, //{ POINT_CONQUEROR_POINT, }, #endif
  7. I have your problem... if I kill mobs on the map, the new skill stops working and in addition the level is only temporary and the player's name is black
  8. char_skill.cpp:3686:39: error: excess elements in array initializer
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