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  1. Thnx for release, btw they still steal xd.
  2. It's work, after than adding codes open your mob_proto and for example 1093 (Lucifer) Add the RaceFlag ATT_NEWATTRTYPE
  3. Thank you so much, everything is correct succesfully
  4. Hello, i haven't seen a topic like this in the forum. I want to share it. Firs of all we create own attr type with RaceFlag (Maybe in the following days i'll show you how to without RaceFlag) Client Source: GameLib: ItemData.h UserInterface: PythonPlayerModule.cpp Packet.h Game Source: common: length.h game: char.h char.cpp cmd_general.cpp cmd_gm.cpp constants.cpp battle.cpp db: protoreader.cpp Tools: DumpProtoSource ItemCSVReader.cpp Client root uitooltip.py locale locale_game.txt
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