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  1. 0522 02:35:25022 :: Traceback (most recent call last): 0522 02:35:25022 :: File "ui.py", line 2506, in OnSelectItemSlot 0522 02:35:25023 :: File "ui.py", line 85, in __call__ 0522 02:35:25023 :: File "ui.py", line 76, in __call__ 0522 02:35:25023 :: File "uiInventory.py", line 1395, in SelectItemSlot 0522 02:35:25023 :: TypeError 0522 02:35:25023 :: : 0522 02:35:25023 :: 'GridSlotWindow' object does not support indexing 0522 02:35:25023 :: For fix i will pay huge.
  2. I'm looking for switch bot manualy clicking not moving switches on item, just once and after clicking, somebody have? DOLLARS ON PACKET SO NOT LOOKING FOR FREE.
  3. i have problem with horse get on delay when you jump up and jump down there is like delay of 3sec i fix it like this const DWORD MAX_RECV_COUNT = 4 // const DWORD MAX_RECV_COUNT = 8 But from this point the player's get kicked out from the game when using a teleport to dungeons wawes or teleporting on shaman buff.. Any idea ? how to solve the horse problem other way? The error when they teleporting in syser are packet header every time the different The sysser makes unkown packet header every time different...
  4. i selected db more time to shutdown and start up.
  5. Hello guys i have issue. Till now everything was OK server running about 4 months and after one restart the shop's disapeard. But when the player's are login in the shops coming back alive without issue and lost items. Seem's working fine till i restart server again.. Any ideas? I was think that time in src was dumped, or in vps but everything seems to be fine. sysser May 1 19:46:28 :: Skipping shop #18709 boot spawn due to no items or no time May 1 19:46:28 :: Skipping shop #18718 boot spawn due to no items or no time May 1 19:46:28 :: Skipping shop #18745 boot spawn due to no items or no time May 1 19:46:28 :: Skipping shop #18833 boot spawn due to no items or no time May 1 19:46:28 :: Skipping shop #19032 boot spawn due to no items or no time May 1 19:46:28 :: No shops to send from the map of size: 1658 Thanks for any ideas!
  6. Lookin for official quests from GF, is it possible? Thank you !
  7. i will try it, thank you mate You are my hero! Greatly work's. Thank you mateee!
  8. Hello guy's, im looking for some help, or tip how to fix it my problem. The problem is... When you summoning horse in the dungeon sometime you waiting like 3 sec. to finaly sit on the horse. Any idea's how to eliminate that time ? For example more monster's mean's bigger time to finally sit on the horse or jump off from the horse. It's kinda frustrating. Any ideas?
  9. How i can run it, where i have to put that text i have same problem
  10. DirectQuery: AsyncSQL::DirectQuery : mysql_query error: Table 'player.map_list' doesn't exist Hello guys in past days im fighting with this kinda problem, i still cant find solution for that problem. I already tried in DB change account for player. Its getting me error with No account are registered maybe bad password. When i put back account its working fine , but in past hours of server running get shut down maybe in interwall 10 hour not completly shut down but when you try login in it make you choice to select character and then kicked you back to login page. So please help me.
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