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  1. yes i know but i someone want me to pay him for the installation i will because i dont know how to install it.
  2. thank you @tierrilopes for you help, I appreciate it
  3. Hello everyone, I have downloaded these file to start a server with hetzner vps Cliente Metin2PT 40k 2014 ClienteMetin2_speed TMT_metin2_src but i am new at these,, i used to have hamachi server with the old server files. I would appreciate if somebody could help me from teamviewer to start up the server. sorry for my english, i am greek
  4. sorry i am new at these. i use this to connect to fillezilla but it doesnt conect.. i try to connect to the client with that ip and still doesnt conects.. i thought it was a hamachi ip. how do i connect to navicat or client with this ip?
  5. i just run serverfiles by fuuton97 but there is no eth0 when i type ifconfig -a i search how to fix it but still cant i saw this video and still doesnt work https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EX6g7xJOwQk i try to remove the file /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules and reboot your system. but when i type rm /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules it says that there is not a such file in the directory then i type vi /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 to see the MAC id (HWADDR). but there isnt.. it says new file:line 1 what do i do n
  6. Sorry my fault.. So i start with the same.. but i cant login on mlthe server cause I don't know my ip.. How can i find it or change it?
  7. i download some serverfiles and a client and it works fine but i want to add a new mysql_v3.tar i add the game_v3.tar at /usr and extraxt it there. now i have a folder game at /usr/game the problem is,when i start the server.. i login with my username and passowrd and then i type 1 -) cd /usr/game 2 -) ./start2,sh 3 -)the number of the ch (1) and i get the following error
  8. i just found some serverfiles but i dont know how to install those? backup_game.tar backup_mysql.tar Sursa-Word-40k.tar
  9. Hello guys. i am new at this, i am to make a metin2 p server. i will make it with virtual box to check if everything works fine and make som changes to the world,to translate it and add some new weapons. i make this thread cause i have the following questions -Can i make it on my own pc and when everyting are fine to trasfer it in a vps server? -What vps server do you suggest me? something cheap. cause it will be my first server and i may have not so many players. -which serverfiles and client do you suggest me? (I want english serverfiles and client because i can understand it and
  10. Hello everyone i am Erik.i am albanian but i live in greece. I play metin2 gr official about 7-8 years,i have try to make my own server too but wasn't good on that but I am administrator at anonshare.eu Happy new year Everyone,?
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