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  1. How to proceed in order to achieve a transparent background? I mean the Character that overlaps the UI with a transparent background, not black like the default.
  2. Hey! Great work! You continued with other characters? If not, you are available for commissioned work? Thanks!
  3. Solved. You need to move the desired libraries in your client (the lib folder of your client is the most suitable place). You can get the libraries from the "lib" folder in the following path. import sys print(sys.path)
  4. Hi, I updated my client to Python 2.7. I know that from 2.6 there is a json module for parsing text into JSON structures. But the module is not found. I'm missing something? I need to export the module or something like that? Sorry I don't use Python everyday.
  5. Hi, great work! Can you help me translating it to Italian? Thanks.
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