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  1. And if it's from monsters how you do it?
  2. "if used 40004 how block it vnum 6727."?????? What you mean?
  3. And what if people want to use a different attr item? :x
  4. I use to do that, but from now on, i'll help in here.
  5. If i'm not wrong, it is or in UserInterface.cpp // locale.cpp
  6. If i'm not wrong, you can do it with a quest.
  7. Go to share/locale/xx/special_item_group.txt Group 금장보물상자 { Vnum 71194 --------- code of item 1 "19" 1 100 ------- 1 of the items receibe 2 "11299" 1 100 ------- 1 of the items receibe 3 "11209" 1 100 ------- 1 of the items receibe } Copy and create a new one But i think he wants that like the official one, once you open it you receibe the whole items which i think is not good at all it's better receibe on give_basic_weapon
  8. TIMER_BASED_ON_WEAR how to?? it don't work now xd https://gyazo.com/f4513c620a539b29e9ea747570e2dee5 ??????
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