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  1. Rumor no...Pls help , the quality host needs to pay to get back my password :/
  2. Guys ! Someone stolen my server pls help i don't know how! But i puted a backdoor and it's working , how can i get the gamefile or make a new user at mysql? HE 's using my server pls helppppppp !
  3. Guys , i have translated my site at greek and when i login all are ok , but when i click at itemshop for ex it's make logout . Pls help
  4. I' HAVED PUTED SOME TABLES "ACCOUNT,ITEM,CLAN.ITEM_PROTO ..." AND NOW THE MYSQL CRASHES THE ERRORS ARE: SYSERR: Nov 6 19:35:17 :: socket_connect: HOST localhost:15000, could not connect. SYSERR: Nov 6 19:01:39 :: ChildLoop: AsyncSQL: query failed: Unknown column 'account_id' in 'field list' (query: REPLACE INTO levellog (name, level, time, account_id, pid, playtime) VALUES('[DARK]', 2, NOW(), 1, 57709, 113) errno: 1054)
  5. Hell....I asked how!The admin of this server stolen me money...So ....
  6. Yes (A kid with a paymentwall) ... And now at the topic...Can you help me? I just want to improve my skills
  7. Look i am not a stealer like you... I don't steal money from the others...I just want to improve my skills ! (εσύ ξέρεις καλά τι έκλεψες (nerdian))
  8. I just want to improve my knowledge not like u did before !
  9. I know that are packed ine the metin2client.bin/exe , not in the launcher !-.- How can i take them out ...
  10. Hello guys!In a metin2 client 2089 , the pack is like this: How can i extract this client?

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