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  1. Does anyone know how to add drop chance to the target info system(the one with damage/exp/item drops etc)? I tried to do it myself but couldn't figure it out, couldn't find an easy way like a function that returns drop chance for each item in part and I don't know how to obtain it(the drop chance). Any hint/idea is welcome
  2. Try copying them to /var/db/mysql/player. Just guessing, no guarantee it works.
  3. I need to import ctypes in uitarget.py (trying to do a small change to the target info system) so i can calculate string length in pixels, but i get this error and a client crash (when getting to character select) I see it can't find the file, but I don't know how to solve this. I have a directory named ctypes in the client ( in the lib directory ), am i supposed to put it somewhere else?
  4. Yeah, just found them, they are .cpp files that have module in their name. For example PythonItemModule.cpp is for import item
  5. Do you know where I can find wndMgr and item for example? Cause they aren't in root, but I don't think they are default modules of python either
  6. I'm trying to get a better understanding of the source code, what the functions do etc, but I can't find many of the included files. For example uitarget.py has but where exactly can i find these files?
  7. Is there any reason not to make one huge map that contains all kingdoms/mobs etc?(except maybe separate instances for dungeons) Does that cause loading problems or something? Sorry if the answer is obvious.
  8. I think poison resistance is related to how often you take damage drom poison after you are poisoned, and it doesn't affect the chance to poison the target. Not certain about it though.
  9. The quest idea with a timer is exactly what I need, considering I don't want it 100% random so that it may get annoying. Thanks for the idea, hope I will be able to implement it
  10. Version of Files : XXX [[ Hi / Hello / Hey... ]] [[ It is a template to help you with your problem... ]] 1. Description of the problem / Question : Is it possible to show random items from a bigger list of items for the npc shops, so they change every once in a while? If yes, I'm barely a beginner so I would really appreciate some guiding.
  11. Version of Files : XXX Hi, in what app can i make my own animations and effects?
  12. No, I want it to work differently. Now, if you have +100% casting speed, cooldown goes down by 50%, if you have +400% casting speed, cooldown goes down by 80% etc. I want to change it so that if you have +40% casting speed, cooldown is reduced by 40%, or if you have +70% casting speed, cooldown is reduced by 70% (obviously, it should never reach 100%). I changed the formula but no changes happened in game after compiling
  13. I tried changing the ComputeCooltime function but nothing happens in game, it is the same as before. Any idea why?
  14. I found it edit : Realised I shouldn't modify CalculateDuration because it is used for calculating more things, not only the cooldown of skills, so I should instead modify ComputeCooltime So, in order for it to work like cooldown reduction (as in, you have +60% casting speed, skill cooldown is reduced by 60%), I think I should modify it like this Do you think it is fine? Sorry for spamming questions, but I'm beginner at both metin and coding and I doubt it is this easy to do, and 99% there is something I didn't consider
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