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  1. Version of Files :40k Hi i got core crash but i can't understand why, it seems that it crash when someone give a friend request. core: https://imgur.com/Oj6QYCN ty in advance Sessebi
  2. Ok solved this part, thank you Someone knows how to for the second part?
  3. I've done!! I can't find anything Could you please help me to find that answer out?
  4. Version of Files : 40k Hi , I need to make possible duels between different empires (I have advanced duel system) And the possibility to block "freemode" in certain maps. Thanks, Sincerly, Sessebi
  5. - EVERY SKIN IS ONLY AESTHETIC -Website: http://edefunpvp.com/ -Regiser: http://www.edefunpvp.com/#registration - Open -Download: http://www.edefunpvp.com/#download - Open -TELEGRAM EDEA: https://t.me/edeafunpvp -DISCORD EDEA: https://discord.gg/q4CytA3 -Here you can find info and talk with other players and staff members. Cheers EDEA STAFF
  6. I've solved, u need to put the defines in: "commondefines.h" if u got that or in service.h if u don't have it. It depends from the source. Byee
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