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  1. How exactly do I need to edit PythonPlayer.h? I do but it doesn't work in the game.
  2. @FinnaelHey will you help ? @VegaS™ do you have any idea about this topic ?
  3. https://paste2.org/akMHpaMv The render target is reset when the sp potion is open
  4. Sura Enchanted Blade Skill Problem Skill off: https://gyazo.com/0c2d56e817785bf5ed03fd7f0893d8b2 Skill on: https://gyazo.com/c81c68ae28fba4de43e88b5a9df99fc7
  5. Effect disappears when the active skill teleports https://gyazo.com/4d771c982cef9b9c38a14099b9dbd480 You can understand the other problem by watching giff. https://gyazo.com/365df3ab4d43877456f6025504c40513
  6. Navicat > Player > refine_proto > cost
  7. what is your discord address?
  8. What is your discord address?
  9. input_db.cpp Find Kod (C++): BYTE bSize = 1; Change Kod (C++): BYTE bSize = 3;
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