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  1. Thansk, but i think its dead end. setFlag is empty, and the setAffectFlag just name. I search for the name, but match only where definied.
  2. Hello Devs! I would to allow shamans skills between two empires. (Buff Skills) I search in char_skill.cpp to "pkVictim = this" and commented out (becouse this line change how you give buff yourself, not other) with the if (X) every match, and changed the ComputeSkill(dwVnum, this); to ComputeSkill(dwVnum, pkVictim); but still cant use buff skills to character whos stay other empire. Does anyone know the solution?
  3. Hello there! My problem is unusually i guess. The proble, with the trade, but not always. The problem : If i trade and the character normal inventory 1. and 2. page is full, and in the trade have item what would get to the special iventory, the trade ended and system write, how "Not have enough space". At first, i don't know, why it is check my normal inventory, and second can't be understand, why it is check only the 1. and 2. page, why not all. I think the problem with this function : bool CExchange::CheckSpace() at the exchange.cpp I drop + messages to
  4. Hi everyone! I search one system what can invite every effect to items. Armor shining Weapon shining + Animated files (MSE weapons) Animated sashes (MSE wings) If you have the system contact me here! Thanks everyone, best wishes. PS : Merry Christmas!
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