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  1. close or delete please (solved)
  2. Hi everyone! I looking for lua coder for create any specific idea. I know only Syreldar but he not really have time at this moment. If youre intesrested in leave a PM or comment at the topic. If youre not a lua coder, but know who is it and can be recommend please tell me the contact! Have nice day. Regards ED
  3. Hi everyone! I have some problem and i think, how my file(s) have some backdoor somewhere. If you, Reader have time and any idea how should find, or maybe you sure how can find and help with this problem, please message me. At PM we speak about the problem and the payment. Thanks! - ED.
  4. Thansk, but i think its dead end. setFlag is empty, and the setAffectFlag just name. I search for the name, but match only where definied.
  5. Hello Devs! I would to allow shamans skills between two empires. (Buff Skills) I search in char_skill.cpp to "pkVictim = this" and commented out (becouse this line change how you give buff yourself, not other) with the if (X) every match, and changed the ComputeSkill(dwVnum, this); to ComputeSkill(dwVnum, pkVictim); but still cant use buff skills to character whos stay other empire. Does anyone know the solution?
  6. Hi Devs'! I know, how the Render Target system is pibluc, but i looking for updated version what can be show the mse files too. I mean about the mse files, how its can be show the animated weapons, sashes (what read MSE->MDE) and can show the effects(shining system) too (MSE). If someone have this update with the system what is unbugged please contact with me. If you have information, or know someone, who can help with this does not afraid to recommend. Regards
  7. Hello there! My problem is unusually i guess. The proble, with the trade, but not always. The problem : If i trade and the character normal inventory 1. and 2. page is full, and in the trade have item what would get to the special iventory, the trade ended and system write, how "Not have enough space". At first, i don't know, why it is check my normal inventory, and second can't be understand, why it is check only the 1. and 2. page, why not all. I think the problem with this function : bool CExchange::CheckSpace() at the exchange.cpp I drop + messages to
  8. Thanks for advice, i'll check tomorrow!
  9. No. I would call him worm or some shit. But if would call in normal name he is not Frankie.
  10. I check the mysql users, here 3 for the hosting, one for the website, and one for me. I changed password with every user, and the website user have IP defend. I check the website with shelldetect, its find nothing. And, i yesterday before send here the message, deactive the website and connected to the test server to check, how maybe the problem with the homepage. In the test server nothing problem, but the diseppear still in the normal server. So... i think he didn't use the website for it, or maybe not only the website.
  11. The server is still online. They send the message how what the problem, when they connect to the server. They log out with the items, log in without some of them. Today i got the message, "i stay in map1, my client crashed, and the costume what i wear is diseppear." , so its not for the server down. The attacker is the owner who's sold the server for me. He now do not have opened server, so he try to make confuse the player, how stay here or no. He now want re-open with same source(without updates what i did after get the server), so he try to "prompt" them, how leave the opened server, and if
  12. Well, this server online since 2018 and he want to close while i update all the time, so i bought the server how do not close. We speak the hsoting and the vps and other things droped to my account. I changed every password, in config files, in MySQL accounts, website use other with IP connection. Deleted web-admin from the accounts, changed SSH pw, changed website "storage" pw. The password is changed everywhere, what i saw in files. But i reinstalled the BSD, and re-create all in the MySQL too. The problem, how items are "diseppear", but thats not really, he delete somehow them. Today i rea
  13. Hi everyone! I looking for someone who can help me with the backdoor problem. I bought serverfiles from one member, but my files deleted from SCP and player have problem by this. Contact me if you think how you can find and delete the backdoor from file(s). Regards.
  14. Welcome everyone! I search one system what can invite every effect for every item. - Armor shinings - Weapon shinings + Animated weapons (MSE weapons (read MDE file)) - Animated sashes (MSE sashes (read MDE file)) Thanks for everyone. PS : I have one system but the client is crashing, if someone can fix it contact me, we speak about the payhood. PSv2 : Merry Christmas!
  15. Hi everyone! I search one system what can invite every effect to items. Armor shining Weapon shining + Animated files (MSE weapons) Animated sashes (MSE wings) If you have the system contact me here! Thanks everyone, best wishes. PS : Merry Christmas!
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