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  1. Support about possible bugs is free, Ikarus can fix whatever you want or modify the gui if needed, why spitting on this instead of reporting bugs to him that fix in 5 minutes? Anyway the piece of code that you posted doesn't mean that you bought the system, I can post more lines of that part and I have not purchased this system. So why talking shit?
  2. I've noticed Rakancito about knockback with stones weeks ago... but he """fixed""" this with a wrong work around and I have not noticed that to him. IsStone() version is correct. if (IS_SET(m_pkSk->dwFlag, SKILL_FLAG_KNOCKBACK)) { float fknockbackLength = 300; //Distance for KnockBack, defult 300 if (pkChrVictim->IsStone()) fknockbackLength = 0;
  3. This """things""" have nothing to do with original beta skill window gui. Why you don't learn/inform about that before posting horrible turky selfmade shit and 99,9999% coded like shit aswell? My eyes are burning becouse of that video. OT: Is 240p a standard in turkylandia?
  4. I'm guessing a solution for you index file -> change if you have all "d:/ymir work" to -> "pack/"
  5. Evo

    Aeldra - Closed?

    Remember @teatone one day the bad things you have done to others will go against you. Trust me.
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