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  1. Hey, i was wondering if there is a way to hide a specific property or object in metin2? I see that there is some systems that hides all the trees or objects, but what about a specific one only, maybe by CRC or the actual file name? Thanks !
  2. You know i actually did not think this through, Thanks for the idea I managed to do it but also bind it to the model index. So that i can get the best camera for each monster. Thanks again?
  3. Yes exactly, Some monsters are large and you need a zoom out to make a good preview. Rotating i think the preview model is rotating by itself so it's not that necessary..
  4. Thanks for the system. Is there a way to manipulate the camera perspective maybe? Some monsters are too big for the camera position..
  5. Hi, the system works perfectly. But a small issue is that some big mounts/monsters wont be displayed properly.(check the pic) https://prnt.sc/scvn6p I tried changing in the perspective camera but that's also affecting normal renders (armors/weapons...) by getting smaller so that's not a good fix. Is there any fix for that?
  6. Oh i kinda did a part of this , i am running the game using the txt files atm.. but how do i mirror them to the database?
  7. Hey guys, I've been working on some files a while back, been using txt files. tried to get back to my files recently, but i discovered that my sql item_proto and mob_proto are messed up somehow and are not that same as the txt, I used to work on sql and generate the txt out from it. Is there anyway to generate an sql item_proto from the txt files that i have ? been trying hard but tbh i don't know how to work on txt files directly.. thanks !
  8. How did it work for you? it is taking 5mins for 1kkk lol
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