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  1. That's not your business but ok. Stop spamming posts.
  2. Hello I changed antiflag values and flag values but still game says "you can't trade with this item". I want to put to tradebox and put to private shop bonus adders/changers. Any idea? Thanks
  3. I will try to explain it When i download and try serverfiles, always thats happening, there is an item in mob_proto.sql, but it doesn't exist in pack files or the opposite situation. If i can find any serverfiles + database + client clean working together, i will start working on it.
  4. I don't want to pay for it, i'm also a software engineer student. I want to create my own. Thank you
  5. Hello I want to create an oldschool server, i'm looking for clean serverfiles and database. I'm not really experienced on global forums. I saw a couple serverfiles but ppl telling these are outdated. I'm open for all suggests. TY
  6. Want to create an oldschool server like 1-99, i don't want any extra systems or anything, just like official, any idea? @Kori
  7. Hello Is it possible you explain how to be install this serverfile step-by-step? Like after we extract to server these files, what should we do? And also which client can use with it? If you any working client can you share it or give us the name? An exmaple; test für 40k @Sonitex Thank you
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