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  1. @WeedHex After click "Create" i got disconnect to the Login page
  2. Version of Files : XXX Hello everyone im here again to ask for help if possible from those who understand about this .. Im having a problem at PServer! Im trying to create a guild and when i confirm the name and press "Create" after a few seconds i get disconnected! If i use the command "/makeguild" i dont have any problem at all and for that i need an GM acc. And im looking for a fix where the "player function of create by him self" stay working fine! Oh one more thing i tried to paste the same files i have on this Machine for one with the same files + source and after doing that on my "Test Server" is everything working fine.. But when comes to the "Oficial Server" i got that "dc" after trying to create. This is what i got on my "syserr" after the dc My biggest problem here is to understand why is this happening + if i "copy paste" to another Machine with the same files why on the Test Server is working and at Official i got dc? Ofc if someone can provide that information with i would like to know: Wish file i need to change and why and with what code. If is a complicated thing to solve i can pay for that as well i just need to have that working so my friend can keep working in another things.. Thanks, Sincerly, Poeta
  3. @arves100 Sorry i forgot to mention that me and my friend who are working on that we found a solution. Im still waiting for his answer about where he changed or did to paste here for those who may have the same problem in the future! But yes you right was on those files. Thank you everyone who tried to help. I will keep posting stupid questions like that to see if i learn more about it. Tbh this forum is friendly as fuck so i hope you all understand
  4. @TMP4 Thank you m8.. will try to find that file
  5. @WeedHex Thats everything i have on my syserr: Jul 4 17:16:11 :: LOG: INSERT DELAYED INTO log (type, time, who, x, y, what, how, hint, ip) VALUES('CHARACTER', NOW(), 1, 964686, 274135, 0, 'WARP', '123123 MapIdx 41 DestMapIdx0 DestX344000 DestY502500 1', '') Jul 4 17:16:11 :: LOG: INSERT DELAYED INTO command_log (userid, server, ip, port, username, command, date ) VALUES(1, 999, '', 1, '123123', 'go d', NOW()) Jul 4 17:16:11 :: GLOBAL_TIME: Jul 4 17:16:11 time_gap 0 Jul 4 17:16:11 :: SAVE: 123123 344000x502500 Jul 4 17:16:12 :: DISCONNECT: 123123 (DESC::~DESC) Jul 4 17:16:12 :: LOG: INSERT DELAYED INTO log (type, time, who, x, y, what, how, hint, ip) VALUES('CHARACTER', NOW(), 1, 964686, 274135, 0, 'LOGOUT', ' 1999978999 0 0 1 41 10', '') Jul 4 17:16:12 :: Click Quest : MatchingQuest Jul 4 17:16:12 :: SAVE: 123123 344000x502500 Jul 4 17:16:12 :: QUEST clear timer 0 Jul 4 17:16:12 :: LOG: INSERT DELAYED INTO log (type, time, who, x, y, what, how, hint, ip, vnum) VALUES('ITEM', NOW(), 3, 31, 0, 10000009, 'SET_SOCKET', '', '', 71224) Sorry about this questions.. and thanks everyone whos trying to help..
  6. Version of Files : XXX Hello everyone im having this error and when i log on my P Server and i teleport my client crash and close instantly Im kind of new on the area but after a few changes.. i tried to use old backups from 5days and even 1 week ago but i always get the same error.. After teleport to any map my client just close and i get this message on sysser: 0704 13:39:25410 :: no argument name 0704 13:39:25410 :: !! PARSING ERROR - Unknown Arguments : 9, |6;Cancel 0704 13:40:01438 :: no argument name 0704 13:40:01438 :: !! PARSING ERROR - Unknown Arguments : 9, |6;Cancel Can someone help me with that problem? Thanks, Sincerly, Poeta
  7. @Vaynz Hi can you help me with a problem im having.. ? Well im trying to create a guild on my P Server and when i choose the name and press "Create" i get a message on the chat telling me "You wont able to create a guild" After that when i click "C" i can see the name of the guild there... But that Guild name is not on my top head
  8. I was wondering the same.. im having almost the same problem. I create the guild but on the chat tells me it fail.. But when i click "C" that name of the guild appear there ... can someone help? @North @Dalí
  9. Im having the same issue but i cant find any help about it..
  10. @Calypso How are you ? Can you send me the discord link? The 1st one was invalid.. Thank you and have a good day
  11. @tierrilopes Man thank you for your fast answer .. And sorry to contribute for one more stupid question once again thanks and everything good for you..
  12. @tierrilopes Hi i hope you alright .. My question is can you help me and tell me the name of that file where i need to past into ?
  13. Hhahahahah @WeedHex agree
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